Get ova yourself

It’s women’s tennis – a feminist force mustered by Navratilova. There’s now an ova in every final and (the younger) Maria* is their diva. Easy on the eye, persistently histrionic on court, equally successful off the court, she announces her own doping indiscretions, seizing the high pr ground before the authorities have drawn breath. Be sorry for me, I made a mistake (for 10 years!), don’t be harsh.

Serena is closing ranks. Another diva with a unique agenda. Why is she so quick to speak up? Just remember: Big girls don’t cry – they pack a punch.

I don’t expect any comments from the men.

  • to avoid confusion

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

15 thoughts on “Get ova yourself”

  1. Whatever are you wittering on about, Janus? Billy-Jean could have beaten you with one hand tied behind her back, and Martina and Serena – or Venus – would marmalise you into three-day road-kill at the drop of a racket.

    Touch your forelock respectfully, genuflect and say, “Yes, Ma’am”. Then quickly run and hide !! 🙂

  2. Sipu – I see the leggy screamer is now mentioned in less gullible and fawning sections of the sports press as Maria Sharadopa.


  3. I never can remember one bloody russian from another with their impossible names.
    Definitely a case of wogs begin at Calais!

  4. Glad you arrived in good heart, CO.

    But back to business, our Andy can’t understand how 99 top tennis players all suffer from a ‘condition’ that requires the drug! This will run and run.

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