Nicola’s no to nukes

They’re ‘immoral’ – so she’ll bag Trident, with moral support from Jeremy. So what in my day was known as a deterrent will be left to the eight (known) ‘players’: USA, Russia, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and N Korea.

Should we draw in our horns then? Accept our role as a has-been bystander in world affairs? Rely on our friends (!) to deter the rest?

Answers please to Janus’s Bunker, somewhere too close to the Baltic Sea.

Author: janus

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15 thoughts on “Nicola’s no to nukes”

  1. Or should we tell Sturgeon to set up a wee camp somewhere to protest, like Greenham Common which was a resounding something, but not a success. She and Corbyn can snuggle up together. Quite a few Labour MPs are in favour of Trident and I’m not sure Nicola’s followers will be in favour of Scottish job losses. So we carry on with the government that was elected barely a year ago and renew Trident. The last CND lot died out, but unfortunately not Vanessa Redgrave, but the UK is still alive and well.

  2. They are both very silly people (polite version). As if the rest of of the world are going to throw away their nukes when the Glorious Peoples Republic of Lesser Scotland and Islington do!

  3. The simple fact you mention never seemed to penetrate the thick skulls of earlier CND supporters, FEEG. I would have no objection to such useful idiots suffering the consequences of unilateral disarmament, providing the rest of us didn’t have to.

  4. Nuclear hypocrisy is breathtaking. DK professes opposition to nuclear power, but buys it from neighbours. Nicola expects new jobs to materialise when she has bagged Trident.

  5. My dream is that all countries declare multinational, total nuclear disarmament. It will never happen, but it would royally p@ss off Nicola, Jeremy and all the other CND fifth columnists for whom only unilateral surrender on the part of the UK will suffice.


  6. The problem, of course, is that once a thought has been thought – it can never be unthought. And so, too, with inventions…

    Like Oz, my dream would be that all nations declared total nuclear disarmament.

    It may be immoral to own nuclear weapons – but common sense says that taking the ‘high moral ground’ is, in this instance, a sure way to end up taking the low ground – all five / six foot in a grand incineration.

  7. Aye right.

    The point that you non-Jocks have to grasp is that Nicola and her clamouring minority have absolutely no problem with nuclear deterrence. They’re just not happy with my country (UK of GB and NI) locating said deterrence in that part of my aforesaid country which they believe should be theirs.

    They want to remain part of NATO and its nuclear umbrella but they are also total Nimbys. Sad bastards!

    For the avoidance of doubt, I blame Alex Salmond.

  8. So, JM, Nicola would do well over in DK. It’s Little Sister Syndrome. I’ll play Poor Me while the Siblings do the work and keep me Safe. 😷

  9. Sooner or later the Jocks will see through Nicola and the SNP. What happen then is anyone’s guess. A return to Labour ?

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