Overrated: Top Trumps

The board game for budding entrepreneurs, Monopoly, is available in numerous different varieties as is the less expensive card game, Top Trumps. The trouble with Trumps is that sooner rather than later all the players remember the data on each card and the game can become boring. Dealt the right hand it is simply a procession to become Top Trump. Some households on seeing the nature of Trumps have banned it from their leisure time.

But the Trump card lives on effortlessly, in cruise control, master of its domain and seeking out new pastures. It could be all wind farm at the end of the day but the real worry is if it took over the world. Where would we be then?


14 thoughts on “Overrated: Top Trumps”

  1. Anyone who is willing to build a wall on the southern border and turn ragheads away at the door is all right by me.
    Plus he is pro choice. Cruz and Rubio are Catholic and anti abortion. Personally looking at most of the parents I would make it mandatory!

    Hopefully Bloomberg will stand as an independent at the last moment. the current choice look like Scylla and Charybdis!

  2. Funny! Good laugh of the day, now I’m off to plant tayberries and rhubarb in very showery weather, yukk.
    Now there are two subjects very unwelcome in most families, rhubarb!

  3. You keep going on about planting and garden stuff but here the ground is frozen and will not take a spade for some weeks. šŸ˜

  4. I know, which is why we wouldn’t live in New York State when spousal unit retired. Came here, just like South Wales!
    Anyway I hate real cold or real heat, much rather live with the rain. But of course one MUST have a greenhouse to garden by proxy!
    Done the fruit, now off to plant the lily bulbs bought at the show. Early peas sown in greenhouse, begonias started as are onions, tomatoes, peppers and aubergine, all on heat. I have no intention of buying starts which are ludicrously over priced. I grow nearly everything from seed as a matter of principle.
    We shall have daffodils out for St David’s day.
    Temp about 40 at night, 50 plus during the day. No snow this year in the lowlands.
    I am having to move on at speed as I’m leaving early March for Wales.

  5. He said “We won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated…..”

    “I love the poorly educated. We’re the smartest people, we’re the most loyal people. actually said ”

    Seams clear enough to me.

  6. Curiously Trump has invigorated a whole section of society that has previously been effectively disenfranchised by the main parties. He appeals to those who ought not to be his supporters, ie evangelicals and hispanics! One can only presume it is the touch of the ‘common man’ ranting and raving that does it. Strikes me that he sounds just like the bar room orator after 4/5 pints on a Saturday night.
    Same section of society on the whole as UKIP supporters. People are pissed off at never being heard, simple as that and Trump sounds the same. Should he get the nomination, and there is not much doubt that he may well do, then the Republicans only have themselves to blame. Attempting to foist another Bush on the electorate was a BIG mistake! people do not DO dynasties in the dear old US of A. That is exactly why the country was founded in the first place. Ditto Clinton.
    Interestingly so many people turned up to the Nevada caucuses who had never appeared before they did not have physical room for them in some locations. Says it all.
    Can’t actually see that he could be any worse than a lot of people who have been president, maybe more loudmouthed but certainly no fool. You don’t make billions out of one million being stupid.
    After all they did pick a peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter in the 70s! George Bush, a drunk, and an actor, Ronald Regan. Nor exactly as if there is no precedence for odd balls.
    Just look how poorly Obama has done, a known clever highly educated man, when he had the majority in all houses for the first two years, very little major legislation was passed, Two years in and he was stymied for the next 6 years, it is called arrogance! (and idiocy!)

    For those of you unfamiliar with voting in the USA, although everyone has a four year term, they are staggered so as to cause elections every two years in both the Senate and Congress, thus the balance of left/right is up for grabs every two years and can thus change and stymie a president from getting through legislation. Much easier to get things through the UK parliament than it is in the USA. Which is why consensus and brokerage of bills is far more common here than in the UK

  7. Interesting comments. Although, totally nothing to do with the playing cards which is what the blog was all about. Any inference to other matters was purely accidental. I’ve no idea how that phantom photo of a politician sneaked in or the politics tag. Honest, guv…

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