The prime of life

Next month I’m due yet another birthday.

I’ve grown fond of 72, six dozen, two cubed times three cubed and the year when I was in the wild no man’s land of being 29.

But 73? Numerically boring, even repulsive. But, you say, I’ve clearly got too much time on my hands, if I even think about such trivia.

But anyway I’m planning to milk the max from my last 21 days (3 x 7) of 72. And happily it’s thawing too, so I can commune with nature again; with creatures who understand.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

16 thoughts on “The prime of life”

  1. Be very afraid of 73!
    Spousal unit has just hit and it doesn’t get any better!
    Be careful of going to commune with nature it may just be tottering on your zimmer frame. One wonders whether one can buy them by the gross?
    And don’t tempt the fates by saying you don’t need one …….yet.
    How jolly!

  2. Janus, I like your style! My advice is to stick on 72 till you get to 76 ( sod the maths but it is a nice even number and goes with trombones) Alternatively when you hit 76 you could say you were 75 and a bit of a diamond. It is diamond innit? My years kind of go up in auction increases 40, 42, 45 48 and 50. But once past 60 I never liked odd numbers and I fully agree with you that 72 has brilliant corners, cube-wise anyway. I’ve just turned 69 and would much rather be 70 or 72 for another 8 years! I aim to be at my peak (piano-wise) at 72!

  3. Janus
    73 is a fine number
    73 is the 21st prime
    21 is 7×3
    The mirror of 73 is 37 the 12th prime
    12 is the mirror of 21
    In binary 73 is 1001001 a palindrome
    Prime time

  4. LW wondering how you survived the blizzard. Good to know you are Ok and presumably still have electricity!

  5. Janus, I have two more days after today, with a fivein my age. On Thursday I hit the big 60 and become officialy old. Gllom and Doom 😦

  6. Mrs O. In Florida moving up from the Keys via Miami to Orlando today.
    Will try to get back to Md. Tomorrow. Travelling by car this time. Boat firmly frozen
    To the home dock. No news of power situation. Two feet of snow
    and much drifting reported. May stay longer. This message via Android.

  7. LW I certainly would delay my return if you don’t have to and the property is safe to leave!!

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