Vital news from Davos

Those beloved world leaders advise that if you want to make it bigtime – or even have a job – in 2020 you’ll need to evince cognitive flexibility and (an old fave) emotional intelligence.

I’m so happy they can be lured by 5-star luxury to cast their annual pearls before us.

Aren’t you?

Author: janus

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13 thoughts on “Vital news from Davos”

  1. They’re a bunch of tossers who get everything wrong…all the time. Quite an achievement really.

  2. What amazes me is that their posturing suggests they have something to say worth saying. Why then don’t they just implement their wisdom all the year round? Who was it who advocated that fools have a choice: stand there and look foolish or open your mouth and prove it?

  3. In my next incarnation I shall avoid politicians, banks and pension companies like the plague. Such areas of existence, if you can call it that, are all the haunts of hopeless fekkers who cannot hack it in the real world and use the achievements of others to justify their miserable theft of capital and waste of oxygen..

    I am not in a good mood today and my fur is frizzy.


  4. Is emotional intelligence a polite way of saying as thick as shit?
    And how does one achieve cognitive flexibility? Is it shimmying or ignoring paedophiles?
    As someone who employed a lot of people over the years if anyone had ever said they were either I would have directed them to the nearest loony bin!
    I suppose plain English is too much to ask for these days.

  5. I think the business ‘academics’ need to use jargon which ranks them with technical experts. HR as it is called is one of industry’s biggest con tricks.

  6. It now appears that quite a few of the “leaders” at Davos desperately want Britain to stay in the EU. This construction, which is so wonderful according to some, is now feeling a bit shaky and may well collapse. Bring it on!

  7. Janus: But, but, but! Prattling on endlessly is much easier than actually doing something!

    Oz: Please add Chinese accountants to that list. Grr. I’m suffering through two of the worst things that can happen to a person: Hunnish banks and Chinese accountants.

    CO: Emotional intelligence means “pseudo-intellectual blather disguised by pretty euphemisms”.
    Cognitive flexibility means “swivelling ones eyes until they turn the brain to mush, thus allowing it to ooze about the skill unimpeded”. Most people with “cognitive flexibility” prance about on their hind legs with their noses in their air in order to prevent any unfortunate seepage from their noses.

    The West today reminds me of the Terminal Ming. Entitled, effete and pseudo-intellectual. To disguise the decline of standards and quality of thought language became increasingly obfuscated and jargon-laced. This term I am reading the Bible and find the quality of the writing far higher than anything I’ve read since Shakespeare!

  8. Sheona: They may want it, but the Great British Public are showing less and less inclination to heed. Europe will once again be besieged by an even worse Muslim invasion this year with absolutely no ability to cope. Spain is a political time bomb and the French and Italian economic nuclear reactors are nearing meltdown.
    Is Davos anything but a nudist colony for emperors?

  9. Christopher, thank you for the elucidation !
    Thick as shit and not smelling shit when 2′ deep in ordure!!!
    For Terminal Ming also think fall of the Byzantine Empire. Evidently in the 1400s they were all standing round in a palace in Trebizond arguing about who were entitled to wear which hat at court whilst the Turks were blowing the gates of the city.
    Amazing how often it has happened in history and how often it repeats itself..

  10. CO: the Terminal Ming lived well beyond their means. By the time a capable emperor finally came around he knew that the military was in desperate need of rebuilding. He went to inspect the imperial treasuries only to find a myriad collection of dust and cobwebs. The state had been effectively bankrupt for years. The Ming died in the midst of a civil war and Manchu invasion. The Manchu, at least, were capable rulers who understood Chinese civilisation and sought to achieve joint-rule with the Chinese. I doubt Angela’s Angels are quite as interested in partaking in any part of European civilisation, save the dole queue!

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