20 thoughts on “Seemed like a nice boy”

  1. ….even if his lyrics never scanned or rhymed or owt! 🎢🎀🎢

    Not surprising when he could’t decide how to pronounce his name….

  2. A somewhat strange and ephemeral creature to emerge from Brixton.
    The costumes were a giggle but I can’t say I went in for the screaming (aka singing) too much.

  3. His music wasn’t too much cop to dance to, one of my main complaints!
    I rather preferred ballroom dancing, much more elegant, until flung down the floor in a Scottish reel at the Aberdeen Athenaeum! Beautiful brand new pure silk georgette dress never worn again! Ouch!.
    One of the more memorable New Year’s Eves.

  4. CO: isn’t “strange” a near-obligatory descriptions for creatures emerging from Brixton?
    I can’t say that I was ever terribly fond of Bowie’s music although his stage performances were a riot.

  5. Hey, less of the brixtonophobe stuff! Some of one’s best friends hail from thereabouts. 😎

    The scotch aren’t known for their rockers – except Annie Lennox. Pity about the frock, CO, but you have to expect it from strictly bollux evenings. πŸ‘—

  6. Brixton is full of the strangest creatures of all varieties. My aunt used to live in Streatham Park, so Brixton was very convenient for Saturday morning shopping down the market. Still got a mirror in Brum that I bought there a million years ago! Those were the sixties when Brixton was as black as your hat. No wogs and very few whites. But some jolly good shops. I also knew the school that Bowie went to in Bromley. Burnt Ash lane, you couldn’t get any rougher in Bromley if you tried, all white escapees from Brixton and Lewisham. To be shuddered at delicately!
    My my, no multicult then, white flight personified.

  7. I think you will find that Bowie’s original name was David Robert Jones, born in Brixton 8/1/1947. He moved to Bromley in 1953 – a few years after Winifred Atwell started buying properties in Brixton to house the numbers of West Indians arriving in Britain. It was still legal to discriminate on the grounds of race at that time.

    How odd, Christina – I lived at the Oval in the sixties – and mother lived in Streatham Park! I agree about the shopping!

    I can’t say Bowie’s music did much for me either. But, he certainly pleased a lot people – so who am I to judge!

  8. Janus: Bowie’s father was from Yorkshire, not too far from Jockland. If I caused offence, I blame Alex Salmond.

    Tina: “multi-culti” neighbourhoods only do well when all residents are affluent. Belgravia and Chelsea certainly aren’t suffering from their diversity, but I’d be hesitant to spend much time in Lewisham — even in the day! It’s obvious that the creators of “multi-culti” were never those who lived in sink estates.

  9. David Bowie (Jones) wasn’t Scottish or Welsh. If anything other than a dyed-in-the-wool Sarf Lunnoner, he was a Kentish-Yorkie mongrel, both sides of which are generally staunchly anti-Jock and anti-Taff.

    Brixton wasn’t all bad by any means. I lived there, on and off, over a period of about three years in the early ’60s. Never got mugged, car never got “customised” or had its tyres nicked. But I did know which streets to avoid, I suppose. πŸ™‚

  10. Backside, the polymath, knew he was formerly a Jones, knew he wasn’t Scotch and I never said he was! Re-read my comment. 😑

  11. The image of a sylph-like Christina getting hurled round the Athenaeum will stay with me for a while, purple dress and all. But a Scottish reel is not often thought of as ballroom dancing. I can’t see it featuring on Strictly.

  12. I was impressed that Bowie kept his cancer to himself and opted for a simple cremation: no publicity, no fuss, no chance for the meeja to twist and spin his life events. Ever the professional, I’d say.

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