Haggis schmaggis

The DT today gives rein to a Scotch cook called Callaghan (is that genuine Scotch?) who blasphemes to the effect that haggis originates from the Vikings and was made with venison – hence his ‘staggis’. And a Norse etymologist finds a link between haggis and ‘haggwa’ or chopped food.

The modern Danes call haggis ‘hachis’ which is French, from a root meaning ‘chopped food’ so the haggwa isn’t so far away, innit?

But dare we refuse the Scots their glorious invention? Er, yes. Because homo sapiens has been stuffing animal meat into conveniently shaped animal organs since Adam was a lad. Think sausage.

Verdict? Callaghan is good at PR but a poor linguist. 😳

Author: janus

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10 thoughts on “Haggis schmaggis”

  1. Haggis ok occasionally but generally haggis is very overrated. My first (Scottish) shipping company used to put it on the menu occasionally and we got the leftovers next day…curried !

  2. Ah, well, Janus! The glorious Haggis is as least as Scottish as St George, the Three Lions and the Rose are English.At least the Welsh have the glorious leek, infamous of Fluellen!

  3. I like haggis, used to have haggis and neeps for lunch regularly when I lived in Aberdeen. Used to get them from a little baker round the corner from my office.

    Now then Christopher, we have y draig coch, the red dragon, besides leeks. I know him personally, he lives under a bridge on the Talley road, upper Carmarthenshire, eats tourists for sustenance. an utterly splendid fellow! I believe wogs give him indigestion so he spits them out but manages to digest charabancs!

  4. As Gwrtheyrn learnt from Merddyn Emrys, it’s best not to build forts over places where white and red dragons fight! He much prefers to keep others at bay — whether they be Saxons or Syrians. Perhaps he could be so kind as to sort out the continent and South-East England/Brummistan/Mancunistan?

  5. Yes, well, St George was at best Christian, at worst a foreigner! English roses? I’ve met a few in both Lancs and Yorks; but so far the lions have eluded me. 😎

  6. Merddyn’s, mountain is just outside Carmarthen. I personally exhort him to stop sleeping and get his rear end out and do something too every time I drive past!

    Of course there are unicorns but St George is definitively dodgy being a turk, at least he never turned up as a refugee which is in his favour I suppose!

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