Drought is a root cause of the Syrian war. It is an absolute truth uttered by our future King. As Thucydides, one of the early Greek chroniclers knew, causes have to be categorised. Some are climatic, others cultural, others political. So it would be helpful if responsible commentators could discuss the matter with HRH. But that’s easier said than done, given the 15-page contract broadcasters are required to sign before any interview.

Backside says, there’s no clever dick like a royal clever dick. Absolutely.

(The Indy and the Grauniad both cover this shamelessly republican tale.)

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14 thoughts on “Absolutely”

  1. Of course — with the rabid tabloid press out for even the faintest whiff of blood and their intellectually less stimulating brethren, the Grauniad and Co-Dependent having no issues fabricating details to suit their agenda if necessary HRH isn’t entirely out of order. As for drought being the cause of the war… Yes, that’s why there are hordes of rampaging Australian and Californian farmers blowing themselves up in foreign lands or killing people in mass-shootings, eh?

  2. Just because Wingnuts is a loon, it does not mean that the rest of them are. Here’s hoping the monarchy skips a generation!

  3. FOE, the PoW isn’t supposed to do anything except squeeze flesh and smile politely. As for the draught (sic) in Syria, it’s an ill wind….. 😜

  4. Listen ‘ere you lot! I happen to like the PoW… he is the quintessence of English (and I do mean English not British) eccentricity – long may it (and English humour) last!

  5. I have nothing against the PoW myself, except that he might become the next monarch and therefore has to reel in his neck.

    Alternatively, I would be delighted if HM the Q were given an account on The Chariot and allowed to tell it like it is.


  6. OZ – this will never happen, because no-one tells the others as it really is, takes away the competitive edge and all people in high positions need that, otherwise they are in danger to loose it. But in saying that, it is even worse in France, they are the best liars around, when it comes to matters, where it really counts.

  7. I didn’t actually hear what he said. But certainly drought has been a contributing factor to wars for aeons. In some places they are pretty well actually causal.
    I certainly think it seriously hasn’t helped in the Middle East and was pretty well causal in south Sudan and Mali. It is all very well to point out that people aren’t starting wars in California and Australia, but there certainly has been minor trouble ameliorated by the state. Civilised countries step in pretty smartly to provide relief. Correct me if I am wrong but I was under the impression that in Australia the state was buying up farms in Western NSW to allow them to go back to bush thus giving the owners a small stake to move into towns. America certainly did this in the Panhandle after the Dustbowl. It is now National Grassland as marked on the map! The residents moved to California. I have no doubt that areas in the USA with water restrictions are being given tax breaks one way or another at the moment. Trouble is in Africa and the Middle East, they breed like flies and there is nowhere to move too, its all full up with as many already as it can sustain agriculturally! Or the next place is a different tribe or brand of religion, thus it kicks off as competition for resources!

    HRH may have been unwise to use such info, but it cannot be discounted. Of course it ain’t fashionable to discuss such things openly. PC would no doubt label this as ‘waycist’ as it only happens in uncivilised brown/black countries. Can’t have that can we?

    I’m giving him a bye on this one.

  8. CO, that’s why it would be fair to his loyal subjects-to-be to see a proper interview in which such theories/facts could be explored. Not to bury him, but to have chat.

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