9 thoughts on “Motivation again”

  1. Ha, ha, ha, I am not responsible for your never ending structural NHS problems, I am going home tomorrow and I understand you work on Feedback forms like trainees receive once having finished their training.

  2. I am not really sure why they are striking, not clear from what I have read.
    They seriously need to stop the free loading to non contributors.

    Here in the US they have serious shortages of GPs in remote rural areas. They have a way of enticing doctors to come thus. If they contract to do ten years their student loans are paid off for them by the state. seeing the doctor probably has accrued 250,000 in loans this is a good deal. A bonus of 25,000 per year is a good deal by any measure. A girlfriend of mine’s daughter took the deal, she is in a real backwater of the Colorado mountains, her husband went too and just got a job locally, all very successful evidently. I wouldn’t have thought it impossible to offer a similar deal in the UK which might actually get some white doctors to stay as GPs rather than emigrate immediately on graduation.

  3. They don’t all rebel or emigrate but I’m afraid the tradition of trainee bashing persists. I doubt it’s different elsewhere.

  4. CO: it will only get worse in the US, too.They rely on immigration as it is simply too expensive to become a doctor in the US. I know of one family of doctors, originally from Bangalore, who sent their daughter to Dublin to become a doctor as it cost only a fraction of what it would in the pitiful place south of Canada. A very large number of doctors are planning to become pensioners early and many are quitting because of the lunacy of Obamacare! Even in urban areas it is becoming well-impossible to find a GP.

  5. Putting others through what they went through!
    But in a way I suppose good training for battlefield medicine and trauma surgery in Paris lately.
    After all they just go on working until all are treated, there is no stopping at the technical end of shift is there?
    Nature of the job really which is why presumable a vocation not a job! And well paid eventually, justifiably.

  6. Anyway I am now ‘motivated’ to go forth and plant more bulbs. Got a job lot half price! I doubt there is anything of any interest in this garden, ridiculously pedestrian plants!
    I was hanging around waiting for the frost to melt, it was 26 F. last night. But super bright sunshine so I shall go forth and ‘motivate’ with accompanying supervisors in their winter jackets!
    See ya!

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