Are you an unsung poet?

Clive James is a wordsmith of the first order. For example:

And he strikes a familiar chord for me, fascinated as I am by the spoken and written word, its etymology, philology and sheer existence in this otherwise technological world.

As long ago as 1960, I went with a Nottingham girl (always said to be special) to the local theatre to a performance of jazz and poetry by Judi Dench (see pic, local, very young and extra special) and John Neville. So I can confirm Clive’s observation that words and music go well together. In fact some of my favourite verses are lyrics by the great musical wordsmiths from WS Gilbert to Cole Porter to Flanders and Swann.

Ain’t she sweet? (Cue for song, I expect.Very confidentially of course.)


Author: janus

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6 thoughts on “Are you an unsung poet?”

  1. The hoax was not so funny although I guess there are those who found it dead funny.

    I hear she was quite upset not being billed in the top spot when she heard the producer say “d’yer bill her top” and she falsely understood “Gerbils are top”. I mean, being billed behing a couple of gerbils would be upsetting to say the least and certainly no grounds for Gerbillation. 🙂

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