Loony Tunes, or something like them.

A friend of mine has just pointed out that, after the Labour leadership elections, the party is now led by Tom and Jerry. That seems appropriate, somehow! 🙂

I dislike all modern politicians intensely, as you may have gathered!!

14 thoughts on “Loony Tunes, or something like them.”

  1. Haha 4EEG, I have just watched the election results live on BBC2 and still hadn’t realised Tom and Jerry.

    It was really a huge majority for Jerry. I am looking forward to PMQs on Wednesday.

    As you dislike all modern politicians I guess that you like Jerry. He is anything but modern, even though I think that he is what the country needs to create a counterweight.

  2. Gaz: At least he says what he thinks. The trouble is that everything he thinks, apart from leaving the EU, is total garbage!!

  3. Toxic Tone’s legacy has caught up at last. I was never a supporter of Labour, but at least at one point there were decent, well-intentioned people in it. At one point there were good ideas emanating from that party such as universal, free education and an emphasis on good working conditions. The Labour Party staved off a true Marxist movement in Britain. Unlike in France, Germany or Italy there was a reasonable ground to believe that workers could directly influence government and even send their colleagues to speak on their behalf at Westminster. Toxic Tone’s policies changed that. It undermined its party, parenthetically,I object to sharing anything with Toxic Tone, including the tacit acknowledgement of having a common third-person pronoun. It no longer stood for anything.It became a victim of its own short-term success. The party were glad to see the back of Toxic Tone, but Dead Hand Gordon was no less damaging. With no soul or direction, Labour seem to have chosen to take the road of suicide — to go out with one last bang rather than fester in eternal centrist opposition to an opportunistic centre-right opposition as has been the fate of the post-Schröder SPD in Germany. (Although I expect politics to get interesting again soon in Germany — Merkel has really made a serious blunder with her policy in regards to third-world invaders)

  4. LW: At least Trump is a successful businessman. Corbyn is just a loudmouthed useful (to the baddies) idiot.

    Chris: So good they named it twice, eh? 🙂 The Labour Party were indeed originally well-intentioned, but like so many good intentions, there were bad unintended consequences that we are still living with today. I agree that Toxic Tone and the Caledonian Cretin represent the nadir, but none of the present bunch are much better.

  5. FEEG: My mistake! My internet was brutally slow so I ticked the “post comment” button twice.No, the current lot are no better. The grave injuries from the Tone and Gordy Show have only been exacerbated.

    Jazz: he is barking mad, a lunatic — but he has a clear agenda and is predictable. That is something that appeals to people who disagree with him.

  6. Jerry has promised to behave at PMQs. But , fear not. He will soon propose a programme of Clause 4 privatisations which will guarantee low consumer prices and national bankruptcy. We can only be happy that he didn’t have to handle a post-2008 slump as the Tories did.

  7. Another of my imaginative, if weird, friends has pointed out the similarity between Jezza and Obi Wan Kenobi. Thought you would like to know 🙂

  8. I try to keep in touch with UK politics since two-thirds of our children still live in the UK, my mother is too old for the antics of the likes of Corbyn to affect her much – I hope – but our children, grand-children and great-grandchildren will be affected by the insanity of people like this man – can’t anyone section the electors of this lunatic?

    I think Jazz is right… never, ever underestimate one’s opponent. I was appalled to read of the mass protests against the 2015 election results. I am even more appalled at the reports that I read of militant unionists proposing strikes and civil unrest designed to bring the present government down.

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