Anyone for Win 10?

Both Bearsy and I registered for the upgrade from Win 8.1 to Win 10 on our machines. We were warned that the upgrade might take some time – but both of my Win 8.1 computers and one of Bearsy’s were upgraded on the 29th July with no apparent problems, although I, for one, couldn’t see what all the who-ha was about.

I don’t actually see that there is much difference – but Bearsy was somewhat saddened by the loss of the Charm thingamy wotsit. To be honest, I wasn’t too sad since the darn thing kept popping up when I didn’t want it.

Having got my two main machines sorted, I decided to upgrade my Sony Win 7 laptop. It proved extremely useful when a visitor came earlier this year and demanded the loan of a laptop while she was here (that’s another not very happy story!). So I upgraded – and I couldn’t log into my Microsoft Account, and I couldn’t add other users – which negated the whole purpose of keeping the thing in action.

In the meantime, Bearsy didn’t wait for the upgrade on his second machine – but downloaded it – again with no problems.

Yesterday, I decided to take the step of putting a clean install on my Sony – Readers Beware! Having wiped Win 7 and everything off my lap-top I got an error message of “Inaccessible Boot Device”. It would seem that I am not alone, and a fair few other upgraders have had their computers rendered useless.

I am stunned, I know Microsoft are renowned for releasing programs with bugs – but this is not just a bug it’s a super-fatal-bug…

Incidentally, I mentioned above ‘no apparent problems’. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3… made, built and sold (I assumed) by Microsoft. I love it! But, the Pen no longer works properly under Win 10. It is, so I’m told, an ‘known’ problem. For Heavens Sake – if Microsoft cannot even ensure that its own products work properly after an upgrade of this kind – how many other ‘known’ issues are there?

25 thoughts on “Anyone for Win 10?”

  1. Your old computer shop is right. I wish I had left the Win 7 clean install a bit longer… until I was faced with the prospect of another visitor. Bearsy has done everything he can – and if he can’t solve the problem – no one can.

  2. I have a Sony Vaio laptop with Win 8.1 on it. This is absolute junk, and I will be upgrading it to 10 at the first opportunity. However, checking on the Sony website, it advises against upgrading until they have finished testing it, as they may need to write some new drivers.

    Windows 7 was the first version of WIndows that was a usable operating system, although XP was not too bad. To remove the Start button without consulting users, and I assumed that is what happened as there was so much opposition to it that several companies wrote their own version of it for Win 8 (I use Startmenu 8), was typical of the arrogance of Microsoft. I use Linux whenever I can. Christopher is correct in waiting for all the bugs to be ironed out first.

  3. Hi FEEG. Yes my laptop is a Sony Vaio… well it was. It’s a nothing now. I hope that my local Sony supplier has some suggestions. I didn’t think to check out the Sony site before hitting the ‘clean install’ button’.

  4. I must admit to being a complete ignoramus about computer operating systems. This is why, when a suggestion pops up that I upgrade to something new, I ignore it and put another log on the burner.

  5. I upgraded my desktop a couple of days ago from Windows 7 and I didn’t have any trouble.

    One thing that irritates me immensely is the Solitaire games fiasco. It’s not on the machine and has adverts apparently unless you pay. I’ve just spent a day trying to import the Windows7 files for the games but so far I cannot get it to run. Grrr, I may have to revert back to Windows 7!

    I haven’t discovered any software package that doesn’t work yet but it’s early days. I hate not knowing where everything is but it does seem faster and the browser is a big improvement on IE, but I’m still using Chrome at the moment.

    I’ve just been reading about problems with a clean install but it apparently can be done, but not on all. machines. I just wish they would warn people about these things.

  6. Aramainta

    I’m also annoyed with Spider – Win 10 imported my games and scores – I have won 1600 games out of 1601 – and it still gives me score of 99%… grrr!

    I will continue with Chrome.

    Like you, I wish there was a warning…

  7. Boadicea, If you laptop has an “ASSIST” button, turn your laptop off, then hold the ASSIST button down for a second or two. The PC should start with a number of options. One of these should be something like “Change BIOS settings”. Select that, then look for Boot Device and/or Boot Order. Make sure it set to your Hard Disc (Normally HDA or something like that) and that it is first in the boot order.

  8. I have a Win.8 machine I bought about a year ago to run navigation on the boat, needless to say the nav. software does not run on Win8 or any of its upgrades (I’d place a small wager it will not run on Win 10 either as it requires a serial port to receive data, 9600, 8,1 anyone remember those?) . Bought a Win7 machine immediately (extra $150 for the obsolete OS which can configure a virtual Serial port) the nav. now runs fine on that. Downloaded various fixes for the tiled start screen in 8 and had it looking like 7. Now have downloaded Win. 10 to that one Win 8 machine, Seems to run OK and is a pleasure to look at compared with 8.1 . Is it just me or do the graphics seem higher resolution in 10?. I am now stress testing the win 10 machine and do not plan on upgrading any other machine for at least 6 months ( I think the free offer ends about then). Of all the currently usable machines (all Win 7 bar one) I still think the 1998 desktop running XP is the most intuitive and reliable.

    As an aside I have been unable to run Office 2000 on Win 8 or 10 and am only able to run it with fixes on Win 7. I refuse to subscribe annually to Office 360(?) but found that Kingsoft does everything office does (and more) and is a free download.

    I don’t touch anything else Microsoft makes especially browsers or Bing,

  9. Thanks for the the heads up, Boa. My laptop tells me I’ll be upgraded from 7 to 10 after 1st Sept. I’m thinking of declining the offer.

  10. About a year ago installed a new solid state hard disc in Mrs J’s Toshiba laptop and reformatted her desktop HD before doing a clean install of Widows 7. It all works a treat.
    Any upgrades will be at gunpoint.

    And me ? I use Mac osx 10.10.4 (Yosemite) with Windows XP on the partitioned (Bootcamp) drive. The latter is not networked to anything. I run Microsoft office 2000, Wordperfect 6, and Adobe 4.
    Works well never crashes.

    Yes I know I’m a Luddite.

  11. Well I want to complain that I keep having to add water to my clay tablets to use them again!

    Many years ago I decided that as I cooked, gardened, preserved, knitted, sewed and spun and did every bloody thing else domestically I bloody well wasn’t going to do garbage, cars, machines or the cleaning.
    My union rules, don’t like it, get a divorce!
    Windows are something spousal unit or the hired help cleans!!!!!

    Joking apart, from the time it takes him to fart around with bloody computers one can write a cheque or letter and post it 100 times over. It is far cheaper on the soul to buy the bloody stamp! I refuse to entertain internet banking, purchasing on the internet etc etc. I wanna feel the quality and the width! I wouldn’t bother with this at all except to read the London papers in the morning. Which is how I ended up here, the only site I bother with.

  12. Good morning Boadicea.

    I registered for the upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 and got the message that my computer was fit for purpose about a week ago. I left it as I agree with Christopher and others that is sensible to give any new Microsoft software time to be debugged.

    This morning, I read a few reviews on Window 10, all of which were broadly favourable. One FAQ said that there was the option to revert to 7 if 10 did not thrill.

    So, I took the plunge and upgraded. It all went smoothly and I then logged into the Chariot as usual only to discover your post. Spooky!

    The promised recovery of Windows 7 is indeed there under Settings>Upgrade and Repair>Recovery>Go Back to Windows 7 although I see it is only available for one month from the installation. I trust, therefore, that I will be able to revert if necessary.

    Not much use, of course, if you can’t boot up the system. Sorry to read about your problems and I hope you will find a solution

  13. Many Thanks FEEG – but I had already tried to do a Recovery on the Sony and it is still as dead as the proverbial Dodo… I’m not sure where I go from here. Fortunately the Vaio is not my main computer – the main reason for upgrading it was to be able to lend it to any future visitor who might have the temerity to demand that I lend them a computer… I have found that no one ever returns a machine in the same condition that I give it to them – and I really, really mind tidying up after anyone 🙂

    Christina I vowed many years ago that I did not want to know anything about computers. Unfortunately, I had no choice when I embarked on a 20+ year project editing a massive body of medieval documents for publication… so I had to become somewhat computer literate. However, I totally agree with you on Internet Banking and buying on-line – I also want to see the quality and feel the width! So, before purchasing on-line (being sufficiently miserly to want the best price!) I go round the shops looking at the products I intend to buy – and probably spend more in petrol than I save on the actual purchase.

    Bearsy always tells me that I click on “OK” to fast – he could well be right… I once clicked OK on $2,500 to pay a $25 mobile phone bill… I’m a little more careful these days!

    JM I had no problem with going from 7 to 10, other than I couldn’t make new accounts – my main reason for upgrading, see above! I’m a little peeved that I can’t use my Surface Pro Pen as I did previously – but I hope that will be resolved ASAP. As for the rest – I don’t actually see much difference.

  14. Boa: If the laptop cannot find the boot device, recovery will not be possible. Either the hardware is knackered, or something during the upgrade process has mucked up the BIOS settings. In the former case, I suspect the junk yard beckons. In the latter, someone who knows what they are doing should be able to fix it easily.

  15. Tina: mostly I agree with you per internet shopping. Certain things,clothing, shoes, etc. I refuse to buy online. However, having often lived in abject isolation I grew comfortable buying things such as books, music and other sundries online as there often was little option. Try finding the latest album by Taiwan’s new folk rock star Dino Lee in Germany or John Betjamin books in rural California.

  16. FEEG – we’ve done just about everything that can reasonably be done,,, and I think it is time for a decent burial. It does, however, annoy me mightily that I had a working machine that no longer does.

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