No matter if our Caledonian prophet of doom manages to jinx our lads and they snatch defeat from the jaws of Nike, nothing can spoil the memory of 60 all out. A new meaning for down under perhaps. The day Extras top-scored. Enough ducks for a feeding frenzy. Let’s fill our white boots.

Ben Stokes celebrates

If I could see Backside’s face, I know he’d be smiling. ‘Happy happy happy – you can’t take that away from me….’

The Ashes urn

Author: janus

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9 thoughts on “Howzat?”

  1. Aye weel. Janus.

    I’ll not say yet that ‘we’ are doomed but there’s rain due on Monday. If Mitchell Starc carries on doing what he is doing this morning, the lead may not be out of sight. The Aussies will surely not bat as badly in the second innings?

    I’m thinking that a draw might still be a slight possibility.

    Or, in my most pessimistic mode, that we could even have a reverse repeat of Headingley 1981.

    It’s a worry!.

  2. Yes, bad light perhaps continuing into the weekend has cast a shadow over England’s failure to bowl them out twice for less than a ton. Rain will undoubtedly intervene.

  3. Hey! We watched that innings. It was compelling – a bit like have a bad tooth that one has to keep prodding! Well done to the English bowlers for giving us more ‘runs’ than any of our batsmen did. 🙂

  4. Hello, Brizzy!

    I wouldn’t wish the runs on anybody! Just waiting for the third day to start now. 3 wickets, 90 runs to prolong the agony for AUS. Enjoy! 😎

  5. I’m not watching! I’m here watching anything but the Cricket. However, Bearsy has just said that the rumour is that Clarke will announce his retirement after the Oval match.

  6. I revise my last comment. Apparently, Clarke has booked an interview with our Channel 9 at the end of this match – we won’t wait up to see it. He has, seemingly had to clear it with the selectors – and the rumour is that he will announce that he will retire after the match at the Oval.

  7. Clarke has said that he will step down from International Cricket at the end of this series. Did he jump – or was he pushed? Whatever – it doesn’t matter. There is a time in the tide of cricket…

  8. I know one should not gloat, but in this case, Yah Boo, Yippee! I can imagine how the Aussies would be reacting if the results had been reversed :-). Got to find something else to do this afternoon now, though!

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