Not The Other Battle

Today is the bicentenary of the Battle of Quatre Bras in which my great grandfather fought. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on the perspective, he was wounded and was thus unable to take part in the ‘other battle’ that took place two days later. My GGF lived to be 92 and it was always a source of good-natured irritation that those who had survived that other conflict were more celebrated than those who had survived Quatre Bras.

7 thoughts on “Not The Other Battle”

  1. This is truly bizarre.
    A day before your posting sipu i was turning out a long undisturbed cupboard (of twelve years quiescence) and I came across a picture that I thought had been lost somewhere in the dim and distant past.
    No prizes for guessing!
    A rather nice engraving of a pen and ink sketch of Quatre Bras! Strictly unbelievable considering, as you say, it is not remembered by most. I was always rather fond of etchings and early lithographs.
    Dearest fellow members I urge you to resist the temptation to pursue that line of thought!!!!

    Also found in that cupboard a couple of first editions that I erroneously swore my step daughter purloined and a rather fetching print of the first cricket match in Hambledon. With no one to leave them to I think I’ll flog the lot! To be honest, I have moved so many times I can no longer put my hand to so many possessions, one almost stops caring after a while!

    In my next reincarnation I am going minimalist. Bunch of cherry blossom in the corner and sod all else!

    Like J, I am interested to hear if your GGF left any comments on the whole affair. Please tell.

  2. Was it a GGF that Sipu referred to?

    Well! My GGF was born in about 1850, so I reckon (assuming generations of similar average length) that Sipu’s forebear must have been more like a G G G G F ! Born about 1790? Or is this my Waterloo?

  3. Hi Janus, excuse the delay in responding. My ancestor wrote many letters during his the Peninsular Campaign. Some of these were published in 1992. In that book he is quoted as having, in his latter years, expressed his annoyance about the other battle. I think Ozangado has read the book, or at least I gave him the details of it.

    He was indeed my great grand father. He was born in 1794. He did not marry until his 60s and proceeded to have 7 children, one of whom was my grandfather, born in 1862. My father was born in 1914.

    Christina, please will you post a photograph of that etching.

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