A Bad Place!

A muddled jumble gath’ring dust
And cobweb littered spaces.
A storage place of scattered things,
And half remembered faces.

A million facts or maybe less,
But filed in random nooks.
Memories and words galore,
Most gleaned from many books.

They hit the page in order
Well, usually more or less!
It sometimes even makes some sense;
Not always, I confess.

Is it just an ageing thing,
My mind is such a mess?
Just penning these few paltry lines
Has caused me so much stress!

21 thoughts on “A Bad Place!”

  1. I can sympathise with the poem. Recently, I’ve been put under horrid stress by German bureaucracy and have seemingly aged a decade in 2 weeks. And, until Sunday, I get to mind Terror Cousin.

  2. Ah, yes, I read earlier, Christopher, that escape from Germany is proving difficult but with the added addition of Terror cousin, life could prove a little trying. My commiserations.

  3. Not to worry, I’ve had a prepared statement to my “case worker” translated into Chinese and will, if necessary, send it to her to display my displeasure.

  4. Not wishing to add to your stress, but it should be, “A million facts or maybe fewer”. In this case I will put it down to poetic licence.

  5. Agh. Sipu, that’s the straw wot broke the camel’s back! Horrors, but thank you for pointing it out. Total meltdown is now a certainty. 😦

  6. Are you sure, Janus. It has one more syllable which doesn’t sound quite right to me?

    Or maybe I’ve just lost the plot, poetically speaking!

  7. Oh God don’t remind me of my garage, barn, pump house, office etc etc………

  8. The hamster in the picture is actually dead. It was terminated by inserting it’s back legs into a light socket.
    The little corpse with its fur standing on end was then re arranged for this cute picture.
    Sorry Araminta, I shall have to report you to the RSPCA …..expect a knock at the door.

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