All written on location

Now, where is this located?
Although I’m not sure where
And although I’ve never met you,
I know you’ve all been there.

It’s colour scheme? Unusual.
From pinks to deepest blues
And although it has no windows
It offers lots of views.

It has no grounds or gardens
But gardeners here abound
And their horticultural influence
Is spread the world around.

Inside, the depth of learning
Is plain where ‘ere you look
But within its confines
You’ll not find a single book.

So where is this located?
If you don’t know quite where
Here is a simple anagram
Solve this: Dice boot as chair

10 thoughts on “All written on location”

  1. Got as far as some spare letters still to be sorted followed by ‘cathedral’ before realising there was no effin’ L. Sob!

    Still, we took lunch poolside today – 24C in the shade, which is preferable to hoar frost. 🙂


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