Quick quiz

Here’s a bit of fun.

When listening to the radio the other day there was a phone in competition, 2 contestants, each had 30 seconds to list as many items as possible on a particular subject.

We’ve had great fun with it, try it on your family and friends.


Topic 1

Things that you put in your mouth without swallowing.

Topic 2

Things that you can wear that aren’t considered clothes.

As the replies come in I’ll try and keep respective topics updated to help prevent repetition.


MOUTH answers

Toothbrush, foot, cigarettes etc,pipe,thumb,dummy/comforter, lip of beermug,Dentures (my age is showing), Floss, A whistle, An instrumental mouthpiece, A balloon, A drinking straw, A toothpick, Chewing tobacco, Chopsticks, A snorkel mouthpiece, Dental braces, Chewing gum, A thermometer, tongue stud, stick of rock, dental instruments, cutlery, mouthwash, the stone of an olive, Ice cubes, Tongue depressor, A hand grenade pin (only in the movies), The end of the thread ( when attempting to thread a needle. ), Old fashioned postage stamps, Lollipop sticks, The working end of an indelible pencil ( do such things still exist?), DNA swabs, A breathalyzer,

WEAR answers

Smile, watch,chip on shoulder, jewelry, cosmetics, hairpiece, alice band, condom, medals, Beard, Glasses, Hearing aids, Contact lenses, Eye patches ,wooden legs, Armour, Spurs, A gunbelt, Aftershave, Boxing gloves, a life belt , Pocket protector, skis, snowshoes, crampons, a sword (weapons), Bandages, Colostomy bags, Pacemakers, Insulin pumps, Dogtags, Tattoos, Sporran, Warpaint, A seat belt, A jock strap, dentures, A cricket box. Shin pads, skin creams, bruises (a black eye) ,hair styles, egg on your face, fat lip / thick ear, a crash helmet, One’s heart on one’s sleeve,

45 thoughts on “Quick quiz”

  1. 1.
    Dentures (my age is showing)
    A whistle
    An instrumental mouthpiece
    A balloon
    Nail varnish
    Alice band (never worn any of it, ever, yer Honour

  2. 1. A tongue stud
    1. A drinking straw
    1. A toothpick
    1. Chewing tobacco
    1. Chopsticks
    1. A snorkel mouthpiece
    1. Dental braces
    1. Chewing gum
    1. A saxophone reed
    1. A thermometer

  3. 2
    Glasses (Which I suppose may be considered clothes if you are Elton John or Tim Wannacot)
    Hearing aids
    Contact lenses
    And with thanks to Long John, Eye patches and wooden legs
    Oh , and that smug look she keeps telling me to wipe off my face.

  4. 2. A crown
    2. Armour
    2. Spurs
    2. A gunbelt
    2. Eye glasses
    2. Hearing aids
    2. Contact lenses
    2. Makeup
    2, Aftershave
    2. Boxing gloves
    2. Earings

  5. 2. skis
    2. snowshoes
    2. crampons
    2. a sword
    2. Bandages
    2. Colostomy bags
    2. Pacemakers
    2. Insulin pumps
    2. Dogtags
    2. Tattoos
    2. Woad
    2. Sporran (Mr Mackie, discuss)
    2. Warpaint
    2. A seat belt

  6. Morning gang

    Very good!

    I’ve generalised a lot of them (i.e. musical instruments, jewellery, cosmetics)

    I don’t see dental instruments (including swabs, cotton wool etc.) or cutlery so I’ll add them πŸ™‚

  7. A pony tail
    A pig tail
    A queue
    A pageboy (I hasten to add that I mean the hairstyle, of course)
    A bob
    A five o’clock shadow
    Egg on your face
    A fat lip
    A thick ear

  8. Oh dear, come rather late to this.
    Only the expurgated left I should think!!!
    No, I promise not to go there and ‘lower the tone!’

  9. Ha ha Christina you made me think of fruit & veg, like the stone in an olive which you spit out once separated!

    … πŸ™‚ …

  10. OK OK so I’ll obligingly buy an expurgated olive stone?
    Better than some I can think of!
    No no, must stop, I see a lowering of the tone coming on!

  11. Soutie:

    1. Ice cubes
    1. Tongue depressor
    1. A hand grenade pin (only in the movies)
    1. The end of the thread ( when attempting to thread a needle. )
    1. Old fashioned postage stamps.
    1. Lollipop sticks
    1. The working end of an indelible pencil ( do such things still exist?)
    1. DNA swabs
    1. A breathalizer (sp?)

    2. One’s heart on one’s sleeve

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