In Lighter Mode

This caught my eye in the Vancouver Sun.

Absolutely splendid that no-one turfed her off the bus or asks for a fare!  Evidently the Bus company think she is a good marketing tool and are happy to accommodate her.

Mind you, Seattle is full of some VERY strange people!

You can just imagine this happening in London can’t you?  NOT!  Imagine the fuss of the burka contingent to sitting on a seat previously occupied by a dog!  I know who I’d rather ride next to. (Or for the pedants, I know, next to whom, I would rather ride!)

All pedantic comments accepted joyfully as the sun is shining and I’m going gardening.  Three four legged supervisors dressed in winter finery will accompany me to see I’m doing it right.

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

10 thoughts on “In Lighter Mode”

  1. When I read this story, I couldn’t help wondering whether the dog took its own poop-scoop and plastic bags with it.

  2. A long time ago, in fact a very long time ago, my grandmother had an old dog, a spaniel/lab cross (a mutt), Rusty was his name. My granny would slip a note under his collar and whisper Sybil (or Margery) in his ear. He would walk to the nearest bus stop and wait for the service bus, he rode the bus for about six stops and leaving the bus at the correct stop make a left turn to walk to my aunt Sybil’s house, or make a right turn and duly arrive at aunt Margery’s. He never made mistakes. Clever doggy you may say, but cleverer yet, there were two bus services calling at the stop nearest to grannies house, and depending on the time of Rusty’s arrival the first bus could by heading to the aunties or off to remoter parts of rural Wales, but he never made that mistake either. If the first bus was ‘wrong’ he would simply ignore it and wait for the next. He never occupied a seat on the bus always favoring the suitcase storage spot under the stairs. His business done at the aunts he would, of course, take the bus home.

  3. Sheona – As Rusty was a spaniel/lab cross, both breeds which my vet described as “stomachs on legs”, I think we can take the treat element of his meanderings as a given.


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