New Year in New York

I rose this morning just prior to the seeing in of the New Year in New York, the TV was on, so I sat down and watched the Times Square bash over my morning tea.

Imagine my surprise when I heard the choice of song immediately prior to the ball dropping? The song immediately after the arrival of 2015 and a relatively short version of Auld lang syne was, to be frank exactly what I was expecting.

What do you think the 2 songs were?

25 thoughts on “New Year in New York”

  1. Perhaps it was the song “Let it go” from the latest Disney money-spinner, “Frozen”? And Sinatra – no one else – singing “My Way”?

  2. CLUES

    Both song titles are in the post !!!!!!!!!!!!

    (As was the one artist’s christian name!)

    PapaG gets a gold star

    … πŸ™‚ …

  3. CO: typical for New York. It’s a disgusting dive. I was brought their against my will once as a child. I’ve refused to even consider repeating the traumatic experience.

  4. I really think that you should give the New Yorkers a bit of slack here.

    How much rubbish is collected on a normal day?
    How much of the 52 tons was ‘ticker tape’? I saw it pouring down from the rooftops for a very long time!
    There were reportedly a million people there, ignoring the ‘ticker tape’ and what would be a normal day’s collection 52 tons equates to approximately 52 grams per person (or 2 ounces!)

  5. Soutie: each year NYC produces 7.8 million tons of rubbish. Of that, 3.8 million tons are produced by households and 4 million tons are produced by businesses. And no, New Yorkers should never be given slack. They are on average among the smuggest, most condescending people on earth and rarely miss the chance to remind others of their superiority. Even Americans think they’re insufferably overbearing.

  6. Grumph! B and I have had memorable times (as in Square) in NY city. Yes, the cabbies are hopeless, the hotels condescending, the streets impassable – but hey! It’s the Big Apple! 😳

  7. Moving on ……..

    Despite the clue I’m assuming that the 1st song (i.e. the one immediately before the dropping of the ball) still eludes fellow members.

    Not to worry, I’ll put you out of your misery 1st thing tomorrow.


  8. Janus: the weather is rubbish, the people are ugly and it is disgustingly expensive. It is Los Angeles without the redeeming features. Absolutely no latent West Coast bias has been shown here.

  9. The clue of course was “Imagine my surprise “

    Here was a man who’s attempts to gain US citizenship were denied time and time again, a man who of course was shot dead on the very streets of the city, I found it slightly ironic that it would be his song that was played on this very American occasion.

    Here it is ….

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