9 thoughts on “Ebola awareness ad”

  1. I used to eat grilled fruit bat and fruit bat stew in villages in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu quite often and very tasty it was too. Never had it in Australia though

    There again, it was many thousands of miles away from Africa and at a time when ebola wasn’t even on the radar. Whatever happened to good, old fashioned HIV, which replaced STDs, which replaced smallpox and lockjaw, which replaced influenza as the plague of the moment?.

    I read somewhere today that malaria still kills at least seventy times more people annually than ebola. It’s probably a lot higher than that, but the problem for malaria victims is that it ain’t prevalent in California – yet.

    Cynical? Moi?


  2. I have read elsewhere that about 30 African countries have closed their borders to any mass transport system from the affected countries. Is that true soutie?
    About time all transport was stopped after the farce in Dallas, I have never seen such foolishness inspired by hubris and arrogance in my life!
    Quarantined people flying commercially and now some stupid cow has gone on a Caribbean cruise! Totally beyond, it is a wonder they aren’t dropping like flies in the streets. They ought to show that here in the USA!
    I wonder if I can get a bat for dinner? Make a change!

  3. One of my mates wanted to travel with his flatmate to Dallas this weekend. The flatmate refused to go because he is afraid of Ebola. I told my mate that he should tell his flatmate, both are from the same town in China, that he is millions of times more likely to be killed by Chinese air quality than Ebola.

  4. I heard a discussion on one of these campaigns recently which included the ‘don’t eat bats’ advice.

    But equally surprising was …

    ‘don’t eat fruit that has been partially eaten by bats’
    ‘don’t play with baboons or monkeys’
    ‘don’t eat bushmeat’ (which by inference was mostly baboons and monkeys)

    The logic apparently is that bats while picking on fruit contaminate it, the baboons and monkeys eat the contaminated fruit, humans play with or hunt the baboons / monkeys and bingo, you’re a gonner!

  5. Mrs O.

    Must be a month ago that one of our politicians announced that all flights from West Africa were being monitored and passengers screened, I suspect that it was more a PR statement than anything else in an attempt to put peoples minds at ease, I haven’t heard of a travel ban though.

  6. Janus “Don’t eat bats! Do SA cricketers do that a lot? “

    Only English and Aussie captains! πŸ˜‰

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