They’re at it again.

January 2009. Gordon Brown orders Labour (?) MPs to vote to keep MPs expenses secret – and we all know why, don’t we? October 2013. MPs try to keep any probes into their expenses secret – I wonder why?

Meanwhile, we have Millie spitting his dummy over any suggestion that MPs representing Scottish constituencies should not be allowed to vote on matters dealing solely with England – matters that they can affect in an electorate they do not represent but which they cannot affect in the electorate that they do represent.

Then there’s our Dave, running scared and adopting UKIP policies wholesale – or trying to – and waving a promise of a referendum on the EU in front of the voters in exactly the same way that he did last time around. Well we all know what happened to that there ‘cast iron promise,’ don’t we?

Does anyone still believe anything that these people say?

PS. 2013? Behind the times? Moi?

25 thoughts on “They’re at it again.”

  1. The career trough-hoggers of the major parties always remind me of that stately pile in Norfolk – Fekkem Hall.

    For the record, Dave is the first Tory prime minister in my lifetime to have lost my vote. Ed is a dwarf even amongst the current crop of political nonentities and the Clog is unmentionable in polite society. I shall make a point of registering my electoral rights next year so as to register my inky paw for the local UKIP candidate.

    So there! Pass me the FrizzEase.


  2. Hey, OZ, I have a little box next to your comment which says ‘Unapprove.’ Does WordPress discriminate against wolves, or something?

  3. Bravo – Ealing North, check. As for the unapprove button, wolves have been discriminated against ever since dogs went domestic and sold out to the enemy. I mean, if one of the late dowager duchess’s plump and juicy venison were to go missing from the Chatsworth estate in a flurry of blood and sinew, guess who’s going to cop for it. Such is life. Sigh!


  4. Hi OZ

    It would surely be a bit of a coincidence if the last address in the UK at which you were registered to vote was in Ealing North? These things can happen, of course.

    The good news is that the incoming Conservative Government in May 2015 will be introducing legislation to abolish the present 15 year rule which removes the vote from expats who have lived outwith the UK for longer than that.

    So, all expat Brits will, presumably, be able to register and vote in the binding In/Out referendum which that Government will be holding in 2017.

  5. Hi Bravo.

    I always try to amuse. I am, however, a wee bit serious about this one.

    You wrote ‘………waving a promise of a referendum on the EU in front of the voters in exactly the same way that he did last time around. Well we all know what happened to that there โ€˜cast iron promise,โ€™ donโ€™t we?’

    The promise given in the 2010 Conservative manifesto was:-

    “In future, the British people must have their say on any transfer of powers to the European Union. We will amend the 1972 European Communities Act so that any proposed future Treaty that transferred areas of power, or competences, would be subject to a referendum – ‘a referendum lock’.”

    The Coalition Government kept that promise with the passage of the European Union Act 2011

    The ‘cast iron promise related to the Treaty of Lisbon. Cameron pledged that there would be a referendum on ratification if that was still possible when the Tories came to power. The treaty became part of European Union law in 2009 after it had been ratified by all member countries. Any referendum on it after it had passed into law would have been a constitutional nonsense.

    That’s an interesting constituency that you’ve got there and you will surely increase the UKIP vote. Given the last local and national election results, I would think that you have a good shot at coming second. The Lib Dem and BNP votes will surely collapse and you should be able to squeeze the Tory one on tactical grounds.

    Good luck against the Ealing North Tattooed Bruiser as Private Eye calls him. I doubt if you will be able to dislodge him, given his 50%+ vote in 2010. Still, if UKIP win Heywood next week, anything will be possible and we’ll be falling over ourselves to agree some form of electoral pact with you. We live in interesting times indeed.

  6. JM – I know this and it is practically impossible for me to vote in Ealing North, but I would vote for Bravo if I could. As things stand I will make a point of registering in Liverpool and will vote UKIP both out of conviction and a gesture of support to our cherished colleague.

    As for the rest of it, I was born in England of generations of English ancestors and lived for more than fifty years in England, paying PAYE and National Insurance for more than thirty of those. I have earned the right to vote wherever and for how long my current abode – much more so than the Euranium ethnics who demand job seekers’ allowance and child benefit from the UK taxpayer even after they have returned to their native country.

    Years ago I received a letter from the SS (Social Services) saying I was no longer eligible for treatment by the NHS because of my Portuguese residency. Did I get a refund on thirty years of National Insurance payments? Did I hell as like. A couple of years ago I found out I had been deleted from the GP practice I had been since birth because I hadn’t called on their services for shish years. Not to worry, I’ll just get in line with all the other illegals and get treated for free.

    And another thing, I want referenda both on our continued membership of the EU and particularly whether or not the English want to cast the feckless Jocks free from the English teat.

    Cry FrizzEaze!


  7. No, but you could drive down at the head of a convoy of tankers full of the stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. JM. I have had that argument discussion in other places. No Parliament can bind its successors. The Lisbon Constitution under a changed name was ratified by an enabling Act of Parliament… You might note that the Enabling Act that took made us party to the treaties governing the European Communities was passed in 1973. The referendum on that Act took place in 1975, so that dog doesn’t hunt, I’m afraid.

    As for the GE, all I have to do is take ten thousand votes from Mr Pound and five from the cons and I’ve cracked it. Piece of cake ๐Ÿ™‚

    More seriously, Heywood will, as you say, be an interesting result. Clacton rests on the popularity of Douglas Carswell, but in Heywood you have a new Labour candidate – typical political hack – defending only a 6K +/- majority in the middle of all the furore Labor councillors, council workers, police and social services being perceived as not doing their jobs. Add in Milly’s disastrous performance at the party conference and the electorate’s hankering after change may produce a result which bolsters the current UKIP surge. You know yourself that there are times in politics when a mood that ‘it’s time for a change’ sweeps the electorate…

  9. Oz you may well be able to get a postal vote back to the UK from Europe but as I have said before they make damned sure that they send the postal votes out to expats elsewhere so late there is insufficient time to get them back to count. So Cam-moron can change the law as much as he wants but It still isn’t going to work!
    They really don’t want our votes when they can have (buy) those of supplicant parasitic wogs!!!

    Some here are very naive. Anyone that expects truth honesty and decency out of the current crop of Westminster hog troughers is living in lala land. Go for it Bravo!

  10. Hi Bravo.

    This business of Cameron reneging on his cast iron promise is an oft repeated manta. Mr Mackie, in my opinion is correct in what his says , he didn’t. Your reference to events in 1973 and 1975 has little to do with Cameron who has never made any secret of his preference that we should stay in the EU.

    Moving on, however, good luck with your fight for Ealing North.

    So how does voting for Ukip bring us any closer to parting company with the EU? The likelihood is that we will either end up with a Labour government who are resolutely against the idea or we will have to wait for Ukip to presumably win enough seats to form a government. It could be a long wait. The Conservative party policy at the moment is not for leaving, but trying to negotiate better terms with a referendum if they are elected.

    Given that some of our esteemed members and those Elsewhere have an understandable cynicism with regards to politicians generally, I am somewhat mystified that their usual political acumen seems to be temporarily suspended with regard to Farage and his fellow band of MEPs.

  11. Thanks for the good wishes, Araminta. The excuse used – and so nicely articulated by JM – was that by the time our Dave got into power it was a done deal, and too late to do anything about it. The events in 1975 were an exact analogy, treaty signed, enabling Act passed, and yet that nice Mr Wilson* did what he said he’d do and held the referendum.

    ‘ …how does voting for Ukip bring us any closer to parting company with the EU?…’ The more votes UKIP gains, the more pressure is felt by LabCon – witness our Dave’s closing speech at their conference which imported a whole slew of UKIP policies – or at least, the promise thereof, and if you believe that…

    On the renegotiation thing. The fatcat bureaucrats f the EU are already lining up to tell our Dave that he’s on a loser. The only way is out.

    *ยฉ ‘Maisie, The Perishers,

  12. Hmm, well I think we may have to agree to disagree on this one, Bravo. If you feel the only way is out, then as I said, you could have a long wait.

    I will not be voting Ukip although I agree they have done a pretty good job of pressurising both major parties.

  13. I would urge you to vote UKIP Araminta, but would expect you to vote your conscience – unless you decide to remove to the salubrious suburb of North Acton, of course.

    And they’re still at it, a dippy LibDem dame thinks that three-hundred quid a day isn’t enough to live on. (Quoted in The House mgazine…)

    Edit. I meant North Ealing…

  14. The EU will not agree to major reforms. More than one EU official has said that they no longer even consider how the UK would react to proposals because they anticipate a British secession from the EU. Giscard-d’Estaing has proposed giving the UK a favourable trade settlement outside the EU and Juncker as said that he would not be opposed to the idea. The only way is out.

  15. I don’t know, Araminta. I think that opinion has been fairly evenly divided in recent years, but that it seems to be more on the ‘out’ side at the moment. Recent decisions, ‘directives,’ and statements coming out of Brussels, and, in particular, the penchant the unelected bureaucrats have of jumping into political discussions here with fatuous statements which boil down to ‘there’s nothing you can do except like it or lump it’ are not helping their cause. My local newsagent s are long time immigrants from India and they support and vote UKIP. Similarly, my local grocer is an immigrant from Persia – the word he uses for the country will tell you how long he’s been here – and he also supports UKIP. There is a lot of support at street level for the party in this ethnically mixed, long time Labour stronghold and I think the conservatives, at least, are starting to ‘get it,’ hence the wholesale poaching of UKIP policies. Labour, it seems, have not taken the same lessons on board and are wrapped in their tired, old champagne socialist ideology.

    On that ‘racist’ thing, there’s this:

    ‘Muslim British-Pakistani politician and entrepreneur is new chairman of Ealing UKIP branch’

  16. Bravo, I’ll watch UKIP’s/your campaign with great interest. Labour is already on the ropes and the Tories are already responding to your challenge, as you say. There will be chances for you to win seats as the votes-for-England arguments develop. All the best from me, ever a political pragmatist.

  17. Thanks, Bravo. At the moment is could go either way, it’s very close, but things could change. I suppose it depends on which party holds the majority in the next parliament. There is quite a vocal anti-EU element in the Conservative party already but the Labour party doesn’t seem to get it at all.

  18. If the population really understood what has gone on over the last 100+ years UKIP would take just about every seat including Wales NI and Scotland.

  19. jazz, biggest mistake ever giving universal suffrage. Should require a voluntary IQ/civics/economics test at voting age to qualify..

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