If we were politically inclined witches…..

Just got a few minutes before I have to go out, so I penned this. It seems appropriate given the time of year with the conference season just ending and Halloween not so far away…..

If we were politically inclined witches

If we were witches we could have such a lot of fun

A  Page 3 Picture of Hattie Harpic In the Currant Bun

Other spells that we might cast

Would see some other nasties suffer

Although it would be unfair on Nick Clegg

Because he is such an awful duffer


Ed Milliband would appear with his faithful Gromit

But the thought of that would make some people vomit

David Cameron would be tied down

By the neck to a cast iron gutter

That will teach him false vows to make

No more of them would he dare utter.


Come Halloween we would indeed aspire

To dance naked round and round the fire

And think of something nasty for Ed Balls

Maybe the Sore A*se Hex

Or maybe, someting even better

Turn him into a Tyrannosaurus Rex!


Boom, boom

P.S, I am not over enamored of present day politicians as you might guess.

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