8 thoughts on “Seen in the pub tonight”

  1. No! The way some of us still are!
    I have known condescending comments, generally made by English visitors, that Wales is so behind the times, at least 40 years out of date.etc etc.
    Needless to say the rejoinder is a tart “Thank God for that and when are you leaving, don’t hurry back!”
    There is no WiFi in the pub I use, none in the village of any consequence, you generally have to drive to the top of the nearest hill to get a signal. Hence the pub is brilliant, everyone talks to everyone else not just their table, anyone with a good tale has the undivided attention of the whole place and I’d give my eye teeth to be back there with real people and no stupid electronics to spoil the entertainment value..
    Everybody still has a landline and uses it, funny how they are all still in business and not hurting one bit.
    And don’t have wankers cramp in their thumbs!

  2. Morning all.

    I thought that my pic might bring a few smiles.

    There’s no ‘free’ WiFi down here, people I know only take their phones out of their pockets to make a phone call.

    Network coverage is however 1st class, so if you wanna mess about on your phone, pay for it.

  3. G’day Soutie. Writing as one who still punctuates his txt msgs, ‘quaint’ is not a word that immediately springs to mind. I fear the next dark age is already upon us.


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