Bombing isis

I see that Westminster is being recalled tomorrow to vote on whether or not to bomb the genocidal psychopaths running loose in Iraq.

I find it hard to believe that anybody with a conscience would vote against such a proposal.


12 thoughts on “Bombing isis”

  1. Good morning Soutie, yes, I have the same opinion as you. However, there seems to be quite a proportion of the population who are against. For me, these ISIS or whatever they call themselves today, need to be destroyed as soon as possible.

  2. I agree, Soutie. The question is, what then? Aircraft can neither take nor hold ground, and that’s clearly what is needed. As far as I can see, the plan is for Western countries to support local forces who will bear the brunt of the ground action – which is fair enough, since it’s their territory that is being lost and their people who are being raped, tortured and murdered but, are they up to it?

  3. Seems to be a high probability of ‘collateral’ damage too. As in Syria, there is little certainty about which armed militia is which and on which ‘side’.

  4. I can’t say that I have followed this in great detail, but I can understand why people just don’t want to know. Western countries have poured out money and blood to right the wrongs, as our governments have seen them, in countries all around the world. We have ended up being vilified, and with huge deficits. The days when making war provided wealth to the victors are well and truly over. And I can see that people are fed up with being told that there is no money for their needs – but loads for dropping bombs in a country far away.

    It is all very well to say WE must do something about ISIS – and, despite what I said above, I honestly do not see that we can let these barbarians run loose – but we really do have to get the rest of the world on side. At least some of the Arab States have come out in support – but that is not good enough. Turkey, I believe, is still sitting on the fence – and so are some of our ‘internal’ citizens who will not condemn their own people.

    In general, I believe in the principle of no international intervention in the internal affairs of another State. Thus, I was opposed to the war in Iraq.

    However, I do think there are times when there really is no alternative but to do something. I believe that Israel had no choice but to try to wipe out Hamas. How long were they expected to to put up with rockets being fired into their country?

    There are some people that one cannot negotiate with – Hamas is one such, and ISIS is another. Under these circumstances, I have to agree with Bravo: air strikes will probably not be sufficient. And Janus is also right – there will be a lot of ‘collateral’ damage.

    It is, indeed, a moral dilemma. But if we are intent on wiping out this abhorrent cult – we cannot do it with one hand tied behind our back.

  5. I think that the bombing of isis is going to be relentless with or without the involvement of the RAF.

    The French, Saudis and UAE are already at it.and worries over collateral damage are irrelevant, it’s going to happen with or without the RAF.

    The only question in my mind is do they (the UK gov.) want to join in or not?

    If the UK votes against sending in the RAF, the targets that the RAF might have been selected for will be removed with or without them by other willing allies.

  6. “anybody with a conscience”

    Soutie, we are talking Westminster politicians here! 😦

  7. Hi FEEG, did I just see that 43 voted against?

    I’ve noticed the resignations and sackings but 43?

    I hope that they’re named and shamed.

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