23 thoughts on “I don’t like mushrooms”

  1. The beauties are the most poisonous, but the wormy ones are the most tasty.
    There is nothing like a half worm eaten Cep for taste….we love them. 🙂

  2. I love mushrooms, especially breaded and sautéed in garlic butter. Yum. They also go very well in the Marsala sauce that Mrs FEEG makes to go with veal! Double Yum.

  3. Not really surprising that you don’t like fly agarics, no one does! Or at least not after a while.

    Always rather tickles me this fantasy of mushrooms in woodland etc etc. Most obvious edible species grow in fields. Best shaggy inkcaps I know grow on a wholesale electricians warehouse front lawn.in an industrial estate in Carmarthen town. Very good when immature.
    Best field mushrooms are generally found in fields where there are horses.
    Best magic mushrooms found on uplands amongst heather.

    Rule of thumb, if you can’t peel it don’t eat it. Not entirely true but works pretty well for the species found in the UK. The real killers are pretty well unpeelable.

  4. Just the toast for me, Soutie.

    You know I thought that was a fly agaric, thanks for confirming it for me MrsO. Your fungi advice is most welcome in case I encounter any of the species on my travels. Incidentally, I know a few Heathers so I must try some of those magic mushes. I might really like them.

  5. Psilocybin is a very dodgy drug, ie magic mushrooms. They are native to Carmarthenshire, the hippy colonies make a few bob picking them from the wild and drying them for customers. Not my scene but the boy tried them in his youth, drank an infusion, a mugful and was rendered catatonic for three days literally. I had one of my staff who was a hippy sit with him in case an ambulance was required. Read the riot act pretty fiercely over that one I can tell you, fortunately the boy woke up with the mother and father of all headaches and felt ill for days. I gather he did not partake of that again. I was really rather glad when he just settled on weed, innocuous by comparison to some of the stuff doing the rounds. Trouble was out there it is all free anyway or so cheap as to make fags and booze look seriously expensive. They either grow it or make it all locally.

    Royalist if you are going to pick anything to eat for God’s sakes buy a field guide to edible mushrooms and take it with you!

  6. Thanks Gaz, you’re a star. 🙂

    Don’t worry, MrsO, I won’t be going near any mushrooms magic or unmagic; I’ll stick to sprouts. Hold on, I don’t like them either!

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