Sir Criced

When I told my good friend, the pastoral poet Mr B Keeper, that the theme for this month’s poetry competition was animals he said that he will immediately compose one for this special occasion. This is what Poet Laureates do, he claimed. With his kind permission I bring to you his offering. Naturally, this work is ineligible for the competition. After all, Mr B Keeper is a professional poet.


Sir Criced


Not a Grant or an Andy to be seen anywhere

The flying machine glides on a wing and a prayer

Through outfields of grass it senses to dare

The yesteryear scent of Mattie Maynard and Bobby Croft hanging in the air


The flier met a fellow airborne traveller- pila pala was the name

And they felt as if they were in the middle of a game

There was much noise of leather hitting a wooden frame

The bee and the butterfly declared that humans are insane


9 thoughts on “Sir Criced”

  1. Hello folks,

    No idea where I’m going wrong. I did the right click, copy and paste method and it seemed to have worked for a while then they disappeared! On more recent posts I used the old <img etc code with the same invisible results. As a last resort I have had to put the photos on Boadicea’s media library. Sorry B&B.

  2. G’day JW

    I could tell you what you’ve been doing wrong, but most Charioteers wouldn’t understand the big words and would probably castigate me mightily for being an unreconstructed propeller-head, so I shan’t.

    Just don’t do it again !! 🙂 🐻

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