Chinese checkers

The government’s foreign policy follows the rules of Chinese checkers. They’ve always got to check with the Chinese to see if it’s alright to issue a visa.

For a third time in five years the Dalai Lama has been denied a visa to South Africa..

He had been invited to attend the 14th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates next month,  being held in Cape Town.

Report here

(cartoon recreated from today’s “Crack of dawn” published in the Cape Times)

13 thoughts on “Chinese checkers”

  1. Interesting article, Soutie. I’ve just been reading the comment thread as well. It would seem that not everyone is happy with the Chinese influence in South Africa.

  2. A and nor should they be! Another scenario that is going to end in tears in due course. God does this world never learn? Obviously not!

  3. What else do people expect? The Chinese follow a policy of access. If countries wish to gain access to China and its vast markets they have to toe China’s line. If they wish to gain access to Chinese investment, they must pay homage to China’s view of itself. It doesn’t matter if it is South Africa, Norway or the United Kingdom. The only country that China still somewhat exempts from this is the USA because it is still bigger than China and US retaliation could hurt China far more than is worth.

    LW: for the most part the former European colonial powers bought their way in as well, hence the fact that existing colonial outposts were given vast hintergrund. Even the Belgians bought their way into the Congo.

  4. Christopher, just like China, the White imperialists ensured that they could extract more than they invested! The big difference is that the gun boat no longer features in the sales pitch!

  5. For a while they did, but for the most of the 450 years or so of direct contact Africans had the upper hand.
    The primary difference is that for their faults, most former imperial powers at least left behind worthwhile infrastructure and education as well as health care systems. The Chinese do the least possible.

  6. “White imperialists ensured that they could extract more than they invested!”
    The point of investment is to make a gain. One would be foolish to invest $1 million in order to get a return of $500,000. But they did invest.

    The fact of the matter is that in most countries the ‘white imperialists’ left behind considerable infrastructure and a host of institutions the value of which far out-weighed anything they took out, which in any event had little or no use to the indigenous people prior to the arrival of the whites.

    Colonialism by the West was overwhelmingly a force for good, if you consider the spread of trade, education, health, democracy, law and order etc, to be good things. The fault of failed former colonies lies with the indigenous people and modern liberal politics, not white imperialists. If the west is going to interfere with primitive nations, it should do so completely, i.e. re-colonise, or it should stay out completely and not send aid and impractical and inappropriate western ideology.

    Unfortunately, African nations deserve to be screwed by the Chinese. By and large, Africans are stupid and greedy and have no thought for the future, but live only for today.

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