Results of a “Musical Turn” Poetry Competition August 2014

Well folks,  this competition seemed to draw a very quick response –  a total of five formed a queue to the back door of the theatre … making it to the auditions stage before Simon Cowell and the judging panel. If there was an X Factor factor then it was produced by the sound of the bagpipes,  courtesy of an out-of-tune bleat from Feeg. (Sorry Feeg, but I like a lone piper!)

Soutie was first to the stage reminding us of a challenge put to him by his girlfriend – that he sing ‘Unchained Melody’ in a karaoke club/pub. Supplementing his courage with  3 (or more) tequilas he won over the song AND the girl. Nice one Soutie – you score points for musicality and romance!

The curtains swished back and forth and then appeared Janus giving homage to Slacky Bottom to the Lonnie Donegan tune  ‘My Old Man’s  a Dustman.’ – a song I had sung as a teenager in a grimy church hall concert with three other pimply drainpipe trousered boys and  wearing my old dad’s overalls. Once again Janus caught the mood of the time and he included a nice reference in the song to his sister, who at the time was going out with an Elvis look-alike who’d “got more grease than a flock o’ geese.”  Nice one Janus.

Then came the unexpected reference  to the bagpipes – a verse penned by Feeg and addressed to Mr Mackie. I am convinced the syntax of the verse was an attempt by Feeg to replicate the sound of the bagpipes being played  upside down.

Indeed there was  a plaintive retort delivered by Mr Mackie from the wings of the stage – a stirring reference to the role of the piper in time of battle with appropriate video footage.

Last to the stage was the Royalist in fine cavalier garment and flashing belt and buckle. He chose a Billy Joel song “We didn’t start the blogging” – a kind of rap anthem to all respected bloggers  who ride the Chariot as well as a few on the Dark Side. Here was a brilliant portrayal of each one of us, either pin-pointing us on the global blogging map or highlighting our  particular hobbies or characteristics. His wit was as Zorro’s sword and such was the flourish of his delivery that he brought a  standing ovation from the packed theatre.

And so, in second place, Mr Mackie, for reminding us all what is good and true of Scotland, soldiers and lone bagpipe players, but completely and unashamedly swayed by the audience  reaction, the  winner is The Royalist for such sparkling entertainment. A truly great and triumphant “Musical Turn.”

NB All entries can (I think) be seen in the Competition tag somewhere on the top right of the screen.

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