Some pics for J


Ross lake hydro power dam, this is where we get our power.


Ross Lake has an incredible turquoise blue colour that is caused by a very fine suspension of glacial till milled by the glaciers and carried down by the meltwater.

Sorry these pics are so hazy it was an incredibly hot day and humid with it.  People think the mountains ought to be cooler than below, but the air is thinner and less polluted so the rays of the sun penetrate with greater intensity.


This is interesting, the whole mountain is the remains of a great volcanic plug, the original volcano has long since gone and all the surrounding rocks too.  Bit like the Puy of France but a different shape because of different ph of the lava.  This marks at least two convulsive mountain building phases.  The original being the whole mountain you see now and the secondary coming with less volume and blowing out a central channel through the old magma.  Note, it has worn down more which would denote a different chemical composition, softer and more easily eroded.  They would be several thousand or possibly millions of years apart hence the difference in chemistry. 


This is Washington Pass, the divide of the Cascade mountains.  Not the Continental divide which is 800 miles to the East, with an extensive high intermontaine plateau between them (pretty grim cold desert)  Hard to judge the scale but that is a big road at the bottom and those are genuine  glaciers not just a bit of dirty snow left from last year!! The road is just under 6000′ high.

Here endeth the geology lesson of the day and now, now for MY favourite view.


A splendid crop of toms from the greenhouse, getting two baskets a week like this and many more from the hoop house up at the community garden.  Quite warms my heart to see incipient fresh tomato soup and tasty passata lining up so obligingly for the meltdown and incarceration in the freezers.


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Landed on one side safely.

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