Beetroot and courgette soup

We have a surfeit of vegetables which my off-spring won’t eat, so I have made this morning a soup to take into work – just tasted it and it is delicious, though I say so myself.

Beetroot and courgette soup

Three medium beetroot, boiled until cooked, the skins slipped off and the beet chopped up

One courgette not too large, sliced (mine are the yellow skinned variety)

One onion, peeled and sliced

one clove garlic, peeled and sliced

salt and pepper

a little lemon juice

Soften onions in oil over a gentle heat, add garlic and sliced courgette, and soften a little longer without colouring.
Add the beetroot, and stock to cover. Cook 5 mins.
Blend, season and sup.
Looks very pretty with a swirl of cream stirred in.


Does anyone else have an unusual mix of ingredients to make a summer soup?


Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

15 thoughts on “Beetroot and courgette soup”

  1. Pseu: I love borscht, so this seems like a good thing to try as well. Ill give it a go, sometime.

  2. Before the apostrophe police strike, I know I missed one in the last post 😦

  3. Sounds good, Nym, although I have only recently learnt to like beetroot. I still detest it with vinegar though.

    I have a list of ingredients without a recipe at the moment: pumpkin, green tomatoes and chilli (chili?) peppers.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  4. Hi Pseu

    Thanks for the recipe. I will try it with a couple of changes.

    Firstly, I am am now a total roasted beetroot bore. I used to be a beetroot boiler like my Mum but, and this is the first time that I have ever admitted it in public about any of her core beliefs, there is just a chance that she might have been completely wrong.

    I will also omit the courgette. I don’t do courgette. I’ve never done courgette. I have, of course, learned to love zucchini in fritto misto but that’ is, as we all know,deep-fried.. I blame all those Italians who came to Scotland over the past 100+ years for that. Don’t think that deep-frying would work in this recipe.

    Stock-wise, I presume that you have made your own and are not shop-bought cubing it? Too much salt in every commercial cube that I ever have tried in the past ten years. Bit of a bore about that as well, by the way.

  5. Pumpkin/squash soup is pretty bloody boring alone but is considerably enlivened by shrimp.
    Sweat onions in olive oil , add pumpkin and good chicken stock, boil up, add shrimp, seasoning and a pinch of nutmeg.
    does wonders.

    Harvard beets- boil, cube, back in saucepan, add orange juice, tablespn cider vinegar, sugar, knob of butter and a teaspoon of cornflour, boil till thickened. Ends up sweet and sour. Kids tend to prefer it.
    Has the added advantage it will freeze without the beets going watery.

    Rats tails, aka ratatouille, chuck anything in and fry up in mixture of butter and olive oil. squash, peppers, chillies, aubergine, onions and slice in fresh tomatoes to make a gravy. Will keep in the fridge for a couple of days. do not fry up so that pieces of veg lose their integrity with the exception of the toms. You want chunks in slurp not just slurp!

    Ara, oven roast that lot, chunked and drizzled in olive oil, go with pork?

  6. Sipu – In answer to your deliberately provocative question @ 8.36, 🙂 may I suggest “sufficient”, or, better still, “satisfactory”. A chap can expect little else in these emancipated days.


  7. The French usually refer in recipes, when they bother to put quantities in at all, to a “noisette” (hazelnut) of butter, if that’s any help.

  8. thank you all!

    John, one doesn’t taste the courgette, and it add a lovely texture!.
    It is rather nice with a little blue cheese sprinkled over it to.

    Ara, I have a huge pumpkin and a slightly smaller one, but haven’t decided what to doo wih it yet. As CO says it is rather bland on its own.
    I’m ripening the toms on the window sill, but maybe a pickle with the unripe ones?

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