AC/DC Live Wire

Prince’s 1999 song was rarely played on December 31st 1998 yet a year later was used extensively on various radio stations/disco 2000s to welcome in the millennium. We partied 364 days and whatever minute it was too late. One of these anomalies we have in life. I didn’t party. I was Doctor Whoming behind the sofa, with my whimpering K9, awaiting Armageddon. Something wicked this way comes.

The millennium bug was the end of days. Looking back now I don’t know why I was so worried. I did not possess a computer at the time (Y2K). The worst that could have happened to me would be that the toaster wouldn’t work. And this would have nothing to do with broadband issues or other related online jargon. The trouble would be dodgy wiring in the plug; when you’ve chubby fingers it’s hard to put that little wire in the right place; Major Tom to earth etc. Still, like the glorious Gaynor, I survived.

7 thoughts on “AC/DC Live Wire”

  1. Nice to see Auntie BEEB using the licence fee to do something positive for all the illegals, Septics, Frogs, Wops, Deigos, Ragheads and other stubby-fingered hard-of-understandings that might encounter a British plug for the first time.

    I’m not in a good mood this morning.


  2. It was even more fun in the good old days before Blue/Brown/Stripey Green.. Appliance cables had red, black and green wires. This was changed when several colour blind people wired up the earth to line and so on.! Mind you, I knew an electronic engineer who was very colour blind. He had a hell of a job with resistors and had to measure them, rather than rely on the colour coding.

    BTW, colour blindness was first recognised as such by the man who is my avatar, John Dalton!

  3. Yes I did Janus, but the Perseids were a disappointment yet again.

    Enjoy Lisboa Christopher – it’s a beautiful city. I’ll be at the station Friday evening. A corner of The Cave has been prepared for you.


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