The Indian Ocean

I drive alongside the Indian Ocean almost every day of my life.

I’m normally in the confines of our sheltered bay, I always marvel at the clear expanse of blue water, the many merchant ships going to and fro, the majesty of the cruise liners that occasionally dock and the many recreational boats enjoying a days sailing or fishing.

My travels often take me past the many miles of golden beaches, the promenades, the hotels and of course holidaymakers or locals simply having a good time.

Yesterday was different.

Perhaps once or twice a month I have to drive further up the coast, the unsheltered coastline, it’s rugged, wild and with nothing in sight the vastness of the ocean hits home, the waters are rough (it was rough yesterday but the picture in no way does it justice.) Bleak and uninviting it seems to go on forever.

And it’s when I do this trip that I think of the poor souls on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, thought to be down on the seabed thousands of kilometers from me, my heart goes out to them and their loved ones.

4 thoughts on “The Indian Ocean”

  1. Hello Soutie, South Africa has been on our list for many years but work always got in the way.
    After October, when both my wife and I wil be retired, hopefully we will be able to see some of the beauty of such coastline.
    Beauty and tranquillity make good companions to thoughts of other people worse off. In this case, the memory of those lost on flight 370 and their close relatives is well said. Thanks for that.

  2. I suppose the only consolation being that if it made it that far on autopilot and they were all stifled or unconscious they probably didn’t know much about it. Pretty grim exit though made so much the worse for not knowing.

    Re rough seas, you don’t know you’re born! Pembrokeshire, next stop Brazil does the truly spectacular. 100′ vertical cliffs in places, 30 ‘ rollers and you will be soaked on the cliff path or blown away if you are silly enough to stand too close to the edge.

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