The Babyface gang

That great escapist medium, Comic Books, has its flaws: regurgitated stories, invincibility of the heroes, predictability of plot lines. Where it does captivate and amuse can be in the startling array of varied villains that show up to take over the world or their little part of it. Sometimes the tale is only worthwhile if there’s a good baddie in it.

Bruce Springsteen wrote a song called “57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)” which ends with the protagonist firing a bullet from a .44 Magnum through the television set. Well yesterday I was zapping and powing through 500 channels and there was nothing on. The only magnum I had was an ice-cream. By this time I had buttoned in to the cartoon channels and found nirvana. The DC comics cartoon, The Brave and the Bold, was playing on CITV (Children‘s ITV).

I’m a Marvel man born and bred but in this lack-of-quality-TV-programmes-available emergency, needs must. I settled down to watch the show. TBATB features Batman teaming-up with another superhero to fight the forces of evil. Being unfamiliar with the DC universe I was hoping the supervillain would be a memorable character. I wasn’t disappointed.

The bad guy was Alfonso Vincenzo Giuseppe Face AKA Babyface. He is a chief figure in the gangland underworld and sports the face of an infant. Now if you think this is crass wait until you hear the names of his cohorts. Lazy Eye, Polecat Perkins, Hammer Toes and Skeleton Keyes do exactly what they say on the tin. Skeleton Keyes utilises his deformed fingers as keys to break any lock and infiltrate any building. But this bunch are chicken feed compared to Babyface’s wife. She goes by the name of Mrs. Manface.

Mrs. Manface has the curvy body the equal of any female in the comics world. Her unusual feature is her manly face, right down to the five o’clock shadow. How the hell did DC manage to smuggle “her” past the censors?

3 thoughts on “The Babyface gang”

  1. And more curiouser, J-Man, as other Batman enemies include the Mad Hatter along with Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. I really ought not to know that but I do and this is my last word on the subject as it’s now getting ridiculthuss (© Sylvester the cat).

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