Mostly Fruits.

Everything is ridiculously early, about two weeks so I would estimate.


These are snow peas in my patch of the community garden up in Everson.  No deer there and a bit of company from likeminded gardeners.  Gives the dogs a break too, they get to supervise more humans.


Nemo supervising parsley growing and hopefully not encouraging it with his self watering system! Must hastily add this is not a fruit but the dog may well qualify as a fruitcake!


All doing rather well this year with weeds well under control.  You are supposed to be admiring the broad beans busy fruiting!  We have picked peas and beetroot so far with carrots ready within the week.  We started planting very early April.


This is back at home, the deer won’t eat runner beans for some reason.  I have never ever picked beans in June before, generally second to third week of July.  These are my own seed and planted two to a pot in the greenhouse in the beginning of March.  Hysterically the new gardener next door who really fancies herself as competent has her beans about 8″ high.  I forebore to mention mine were 8′!!!  Fortunately she cannot see mine from there, enough to give her a complex or a Round UP attack!


I hasten to add, before the cries of derision, that these do not qualify as fruit, just rather good this year thanks to the neighbour’s rabbit shit, who’d’ve thought it?  Mega pleased with them.


This is supposed to be an ornamental plum.  But somewhere in it’s ancestry there must have been a mixed metaphor or wot?  Some years it fruits manically, they are excellent for wine and plum chutney, not being too sweet.  It is a bugger getting out the stones, they are only an inch in diameter when fully ripe with very little flesh on each.  Worth the effort for the flavour and they don’t get the dreaded leaf curl disease, a BIG plus.


The cherries have done well this year, the race is on to beat the birds.  Fortunately there are so many wild and cultivated cherries in the area there aren’t sufficient birds to steal them all.  Bird plummeting to the ground overloaded with fruit round here!  Just like Ryanair!!


The landscape roses did incredibly well this year, so many flowers they have collapsed on any putative weeds, wonderful!

I must hasten to add for cherished readers that these are non competitive pictures.


Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

4 thoughts on “Mostly Fruits.”

  1. Everson Community Garden is quite incredible. Virtually no theft of produce yet right next door to a well travelled pizza parlour. No fences. $10 a year for a big patch, you choose how much you have, and that includes manure in spring spread for you and disced up at the start of the season. Plus free water donated by the pizza joint. We also grow a community patch for the food bank. All totally organic. The land, manure and discing all donated by local farmers. Quite incredible considering the Allotment wars one reads about in the UK. AND how much they charge. If we have too many people want ing a plot we all just take a little less at the beginning of the season to fit them all in. Simple.
    Oh yes and space in the hoop house included in the price, excellent for the tomatoes, peppers and aubergine.

  2. Brilliant, Tina.

    I’m amazed at how early everything is here too. Not that I’m an expert but even I have noticed.

    Your allotment system sounds much better than ours, not that I’ve had much experience but I gather there are waiting lists. And there is always the possibility that they will be sold to build a housing estate or something equally as ghastly.

  3. Yes A. I was always under the impression that Councils had a statutory duty to provide allotments. But as far as I can see they seem to sell them off rather than provide them.
    I do think that they are too large these days in the UK. I think the general maintenance of them would improve if they were smaller and therefore used more intensively. I also think you should be able to rent different sizes of patch. One size does not fit all. I do mine with a girlfriend so it feeds two families, 4 people, we cut down from last year. We produced too much food which we gave to the food bank so took 10′ less this year. Trouble is in the UK, these councils get so hidebound and ‘rules is rules’ all positively Victorian in attitude and no longer fit for purpose. The usual little Hitler stuff. This garden in Everson is provided by a little old lady who owns the undeveloped centre of town. The council has no input whatsoever. They ignored us for 5 years or so but now we are rather well known so all of a sudden we are the flavour of the month with the council, not that they dare come round to us, get sent off with a flea in their ear in no uncertain terms. We are totally self regulating. If someone new isn’t using the patch correctly, a couple of gentle warnings and then we confiscate it, rotovate and put in a crop for the food bank! Called tough shit! They just don’t get a plot next year.

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