Piccie comp.

Preface-  LW is BAD, NAUGHTY and generally WICKED, may his tomatoes rot!

That said, and seeing my arboriferous botanical excesses have put me in the hot seat after studiously avoiding such for 5 years, I shall torture you with the following-

Fruits-  not I hasten to add on two legs,  more the botanical type on a twig , stem, branch etc.  Any sort of fruit, veg, wild flowers, trees. The difficulty here is are you sure what is a fruit  and what is not?  Hint, a carrot is NOT a fruit, excruciating, exigent exculpation will only be offered to those who are botanically correct according to Linnaeus.  I’m sure the winner will be able to accord the correct botanical form to such besides the species! Closing date 20th July.

That should cut the field down a bit!!!  Am I allowed to win?

PS I am not sure but should I have this on the competition page?  As I am a lot better with fruit than I am computers perhaps some kind soul will help out if I should?

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

23 thoughts on “Piccie comp.”

  1. Excellent, I look forward to the basket of entries.

    “should I have this on the competition page?” That’s my job Mrs O, consider it done.

  2. Thank you Soutie and sorry for my total inadequacy on this infernal machine!

  3. Next time you’re in Uppsala, Sweden, Christina, you should see the Linnaeus Museum and gardens. Allow yourself acouple of days! (I used to visit Uppsala regularly in the ’80s.)

  4. I doubt I will ever get there but I must admit it would be fascinating. What amuses me is that the Linnaen system is mighty strange, arbitrary and pretty illogical but efforts to redo the whole shebang just haven’t stuck. I doubt any bother these days, botany at the macro level of real plants is pretty well one of the major turn offs of the Western world!
    Bit like the BC/AD confusion, however much they try to update/corrupt/screw up such, they rarely stick unless you are a BBC apparatchik/disciple/arse licker!

    PS thank you for the fruit!

  5. Well, I know I am a day or two late…sorry for that.

    Also we have no fruit in our garden at the mo as everything was wiped out by a freak hailstorm.
    So I just pinch a picture of one of my favourite fruits.


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