More than a Rainbow

It was a Saperstein grey day the aliens came to town
Needing perfect hued specimens for their outer space museum
They decided to land at William Henry Perkinville
Their saucer a porcelain magenta as they prepared to carpe-diem

In the dye works plant colouring went on unobtrusive
Until a blinding neon fuchsia flash floodlighted the factory
The beige draped overall workforce duck egged to the exit
Seeing a crater they suspected a drone gone banditry

From the hole emerged little green men( why is it always little green men?)
“Don’t mauve a muscle“, said the limey leader, “hands in the sky”
The livid foreman of the factory seeking his vanished staff appeared
“Hofmann’s violet!” he cursed, “Get back to work, we’re going to dye”

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