It’s A Worry No 1 – The Open

In 1986 or thereby, four of us flew to Malaga for a week’s golf at Sotogrande. We flew from Newcastle and enjoyed the trip down listening to the designated driver’s audio tapes of the Masters tournament of bygone years. I remember one fondly. Fred Couples was leading in the final round by a couple of shots when he hit his ball into the stream at Amen Corner. The commentator asked ‘I wonder what’s going through his mind right now’. There followed a very audible and heartfelt ‘Oh F—!’ from the boy Fred.

Not the best though. At one point, one American commentator referred to the ‘British Open’. At which, the other Yank cried ‘Don’t call it that. We’ll get all those letters from that Colonel guy in England again. We know it’s the Open.’

Totally correct, of course. As we all know, there are four golf majors – the US Masters, the US Open, the USPGA and. primus inter pares, the Open. It’s just like the stamps. We thought of it first so we don’t have to call it the British Open just as we don’t have to put the name of our country on said stamps.

The Open was held in Scotland for the first 30 years or so until it went to Royal St George’s in 1894. Only ever played on 14 courses in its history. I’m lucky enough to have had at least one round on 11 of them, by the way.

Anyhow, what happens if we vote for ‘Freedom’ and sign out of Britain? In all logic, how can they continue to hold the ‘British’ Open on golf courses which are no longer British? I realise that Sleekit and the deluded will yammer on about scare-mongering and assert that our rUK chums will still allow us to carry on as usual because we’ll all still be ‘British’ by virtue of living in the British isles. Doesn’t work for the Irish in the Republic and I don’t see how it should work for us.

I trust that the organising body of the Open, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, will do the decent thing and pass control of the event to the rUK. Or secede from Salmondland.

3 thoughts on “It’s A Worry No 1 – The Open”

  1. What happens to anyone wanting to travel if the yes vote wins? Will any Scottish resident have a valid passport?

  2. jh, I believe that any British passport holder retains the right to use it, irrespective of country of residence. Any resident of Scotland without a valid UK passport at the time of actual desertion must, I suppose, have to settle for a new Salmondland passport. Good grief!

  3. Hi jh

    I’ve just checked page 271 of the wish list that is the Scottish Government’s White Paper on Independence.

    If the worst comes to the worst, all Scottish citizens will be able to apply for a Scottish passport. The people who will automatically become Scottish citizens on Independence Day are all British citizens who are habitually resident in Scotland, anybody who was born in Scotland but is presently living outside it, any child born in Scotland to a parent who has Scottish citizenship or indefinite leave to stay or any child born outside Scotland to a Scottish citizen.

    Citizenship will also be available on evidence proved to British nationals (a group which does not have the automatic right to reside in the UK or EU) living outside of the UK and whose parent is a Scottish citizen and to citizens of other countries whose parent or grandparent is a Scottish citizen. The last one is interesting because UK citizenship is only available to citizens of other countries who have a UK citizen parent and not a grandparent.

    We will not need to apply for a Scottish passport and our UK ones will be honoured until they expire. The Scottish Government will allow dual nationality so we will presumably be able to renew our UK passports provided that rUK agrees to dual nationality. With typical bombast, the White Paper says that rUK will undoubtedly do this so that’s all right then, isn’t it?

    It’s all pie in the sky anyway as it’s not going to happen.

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