Serendipity and Sadness

I have been a fan of serendipity ever since I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the word. I think that might be one of the reasons why  I struggle to be a conspiracy theorist. For me, there are always too many loose ends and too many people who have to be in on it for any such theory to hold its water. I’m an Occam fan.

It follows that it is a joy when I happen upon a classic serendipitiaceous incident.

You might already have seen this juxtaposition of an innocent local poster and a(n) Ukip one. It has been in the papers and also featured in ‘Have I Got News For You’ last Friday. The site is about a mile from me so I drive past it frequently.

Conspiracy-wise, the SNP and Labour fulminated as soon as the posters appeared. Total keech. of course, And, refreshingly, nobody paid any attention to their demands that this grievous wrong had to be righted forthwith.

The sadness? As I went past the site yesterday, I saw that the Ukip poster had been vandalised. Their  party symbol and the Union Flag have been scraped off. For the avoidance of doubt, I am a Conservative and Unionist and have no intention of voting Ukip under any circumstances. I believe them to be a snare and delusion who will allow Labour to win the next election and destroy any chance of an EU referendum.

They are also, however, entitled to their beliefs and have the absolute right to advance their arguments to the electorate without let or hindrance. I just hope that  Police Scotland, who some argue are well on course to becoming the Stasi of Salmond’s Braveheart New World, make some attempt to identify the vandals involved.

I’m not holding my breath.

21 thoughts on “Serendipity and Sadness”

  1. A classic of its kind, JM! UKIP will of course not contest seats in the newly independent Scotland. 😉

  2. Presumably if Scots voters, in a fit of communal insanity, voted “Yes” to Wee Eck’s daft idea, no Poles would be required and all EU immigrants would have to head off home.

  3. Talking about elections SKY news have just announced that the ANC have taken an early lead in the counting taking place, they announced this almost as a breaking news story!

    No surprise there Sherlock

  4. Oh, and one more thing

    Our SAFM radio had a feature on a bunch of entrepreneurs who have written an app for ‘black smileys’ Lots of backslapping and compliments, of course they encouraged us all to use them, it being a South African idea an’ all.

    Unfortunately they’re only available on android at the present

    I’ll say one thing about them, after looking at yellow ones for the last umpteen years they’re certainly different!

  5. Sheona, “Presumably if Scots voters, in a fit of communal insanity, voted “Yes” to Wee Eck’s daft idea, no Poles would be required and all EU immigrants would have to head off home.”

    Interesting thought. Will New Scotland close its borders to
    a. UK residents?
    b. EU residents?
    c. everybody except friends of Wee Eck?
    d. all of the above?
    e. none of the above?

    ………and tantalisingly when could such decisions come into play? I foresee a stampede of immigrants charging up the A1 to beat the deadline! 🙂

  6. Soutie, bearing in mind Clarkson’s recent problems I cannot comment on your smiley choices! 🙂

  7. Môre Jay

    I would have thought that the first thing to come to Clarkson’s mind would be the ‘N’ word.

    (Nice? Neat? Nifty?)

  8. Janus, I would have thought “none of the above” since Salmond will need to keep on the right side of the EU and the UK. But until Scotland becomes a fully fledged member/victim of the EU, it won’t need to shell out benefits for Poles et al. And Wee Eck will need to look after the pennies.

  9. Good evening, Mr Mackie.

    I feel exactly the same about Ukip. I wouldn’t even consider voting for them either, but the media furore and this sort of vandalism is entirely counter-productive.

    I don’t really understand their popularity, save perhaps as a protest vote. They will undoubtedly do well in the European elections but hopefully not when it matters next year!

  10. Araminta: I doubt that UKIP are popular and doubt that they will actually do well. Rather, Cameron who has never impressed many has disappointed even modest expectations and Labour have not truly recovered from their post-Blair disasters. The Liberal Democrats were only a fashionable protest vote and, much like the Free Democrats in Germany, self-destructed when they had a strong say in a government. Much like Gregor Gysi in Germany, Nigel Farage has the luxury of speaking in terms that few other political figures could or would because he knows that he will never be in any real position of political power. This freedom makes him much more entertaining and interesting than the other politicians. As a result, UKIP have not sunk as much in the electorate’s opinions as the others. As European elections tend to be seen as a joke voters, if they can be bothered to vote at all, vote for parties to make a point.

  11. Christopher, I don’t agree on UKIP’s popularity. I know from talking to my family that in the inner cities where unbridled immigration from Eastern Europe has bitten hardest their blatant policies are very appealing. Labour’s loss of union backing leaves it floundering in the middle ground alongside pale-blue Tories and they will both have to see off UKIP next year especially in the North..

  12. Janus: what I mean is that UKIP is doing as well as it is because the other parties are discredited, not because they have the strongest platform or can really deliver that much. Farage, not burdened by being the leader of a party in government or having been in government, is able to speak far more freely and forcefully about issues. We will see what happens. After all, last year the AfD pulled enough protest votes from voters who who had previously supported the Free Democrats to cost them all their seats in parliament leaving Merkel with no choice but to form another Grand Coalition.

  13. I agree, Christopher. UKIP’s popularity might be a knee-jerk, mid-term reaction to the Tories’ lack of ‘bite’. The interesting possibility is that UKIP and LibDem could between them hold the balance of power!

  14. Janus: it will be “interesting” indeed if that happens. Considering the UK’s system that might lead to a minority Conservative or Labour government supported by individual MPs from smaller parties.

  15. You are right about Farage, Christopher.

    He knows exactly what people wants to hear and formulates his policies accordingly. No costings, no real substance, just a wish list that is most unlikely he will ever be in a position to deliver.

    In the run-up to the last general election the protest vote was why the BNP and Griffen were on the rise. From what I can remember they actually lost their one MP.

    Nothing much has been heard from them since, although I heard recently that they have re-invented themselves again.

  16. UKIP does not need to offer much more than a promise to get out of Europe. Only when the party has gained a significant number of seats will there have to be a wider range of policies. In the meantime Farage can safely adhere to the policies of one or other of the other parties.Just because UKIPpers are anti-Europe, it does not mean they want to change education or taxation or health, or defence or employment laws… There seems to be a fixation amongst politicians that they have to constantly meddle with policies and laws. It somehow justifies there existence. If it is not broken, don’t fix it. Sadly successive governments have destroyed perfectly good policies and replaced them with dross.

    I have never donated to any party, but I gave £25 to UKIP today. I am sure that I am not the only one has had enough of the bull dust emanating from Brussels and Westminster.

  17. I tend to agree with sipu, he only needs one initial policy. I would have thought it more than obvious why all strata of citizenry are supporting UKIP. They are sick and tired of overcrowded schools, hospitals, free hand outs for Eastern European peasants lack of public housing for the indigenous, halal meats mandatory, no pork in schools, etc etc. The vast majority of my friends and relatives intend to vote for them, none of whom are undereducated loonies!
    Vast parts of Britain look more like the Indian sub continent and if you see a white face it is your own reflection in a shop window. People have had enough of it, they are absolutely fed to the back teeth with multicultural diversity that bends over backwards for minorities!
    Frankly if the people get no redress soon the whole thing will end up turning very nasty indeed. Have you not noticed the comments in the papers? Far more pointed than they used to be and far more of them.

    If Scotland really wanted to make a fortune it would do well to advertise a policy of no immigrants except those that could afford a few of million ‘entrance fee’ and repatriate those that they have already. The ensuing stampede would capitalise their economy for decades!

    Most humans are ‘tribal’ they want to live with their own, simple as that, a few outsiders are acceptable but there is a critical mass where the incomers affect the balance of society and are rejected. It is interesting to note that after ten years here that most of my real friends are either Canadians or other Europeans.

    Those that do not ‘understand’ UKIP tend to live in areas well insulated from the ‘trials of multiculturalism’. I suggest you try Tower Hamlets for a city break!

  18. The “areas well insulated” from the “trials of multiculturalism”, TIna comprise about 75% of the UK, according to a programme I listened to recently. The majority of immigrants congregate in a relatively few urban centres.

    It would be impossible not to notice the furore in the media, but on the results of the last election it seemed immigration was not the major issue. We shall see if this is still the case next year.

    Ukip’s main focus is leaving the EU, but there again, recent polls show that even if there were a referendum, the electorate may well vote against leaving.

    The other concern is that although Ukip may well split the vote and we could end up with a Socialist government in power. Now that would, in my opinion, be a total disaster.

  19. Araminta: sober analysis rarely grips people quite as readily as hysterics and hyperbole. Many parts of the UK are not significantly wealthier than Eastern Europe, the source of the majority of immigrants to the UK. There is also a lower concentration of jobs there so by default there is a sort of “insulation”.

    It’s also difficult to lump South Asians together. The Raj could not hold together and split first into two, then three, countries. Even in India, the least unstable of the three, there is little real sense of unity.

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