8 thoughts on “Million dollar question”

  1. Soutie, yes, the ordeal continues! For the public, I mean. I have the impression the defence team are scraping the barrel now, having been short of arguments from day-one.

  2. Môre Jay, the show must go on.

    Reports yesterday indicated that the defence are calling 10/12 witnesses, they estimated another 2 weeks of it.

  3. I’m not sure why but everybody seems to have been shy about revealing that Oscar’s live-in servant was at home when the incident occurred. Predictably, he (like another servant in a neighbour’s house) claimed to have heard nothing and will not be called as a witness for either side. Why not, i wonder? Surely not because he would be unemployable afterwards? Or because the residents are shy about their ‘help’?

  4. First I’ve heard of it!

    I’m certainly not ‘shy’ about it, in fact I can hear Nomte washing the dishes as I speak 😉

    I think I’ll go and ask her for another cuppa 🙂

  5. Meanwhile the defence is playing the mental health card, while not wishing to claim Pistorius is akshully ill. So did he shoot accidentally, in self-defence or because the balance of his mind (etc)? Is Roux hoping the Judge will choose a card and let his client win?

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