It’s spreading

According to the BBC, this “third gender” thing is spreading and has now affected India.

India is now instructed to provide “key amenities” for these confused people, but I’m not sure that India can provide such amenities for the majority of its population anyway.

Instead of the suggested “Bruila”, I’m tempted to use the designation “whatever”.

12 thoughts on “It’s spreading”

  1. The hijra tradition in India is centuries old and pre-dates the Raj. The male/female dichotomy is not traditionally universal. Thailand, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Samoa, Hopi, Zuni etc all traditionally had more than 2 genders — some up to 5. It’s best not to conflate Western concepts of third gender with non-Western traditions.

  2. What we think is based on what we were taught. No matter how eccentric one is, one is still a product of one’s culture and upbringing and can only operate in that context. In a society like Hawai’i there were only two genders with strictly defined gender roles. If an individual was better suited for roles usually reserved for the opposite gender the preference was broadly accepted but seen as an eccentricity. It was similar to the Miwok of California. Alternately, in Hopi society with its 5 genders people went the way they felt most comfortable and it was not seen as a deviation of any sort. Each gender had its duties and roles to play and so long as people did their part, it was not seen as unusual. In Cherokee society there were critical rituals which could only be performed by members of the third gender. The other two simply were banned from filling it.

  3. Obviously multi-gender societies deal with the isssue in their own ways. Our British traditions based on Jewish/Christian ideas have always denied any need for a third gender or ‘whatever’ – and that will do me fine. 🙂

  4. Better not let Wavy Davy know. He will be legalising third gender weddings!

  5. Christopher, I think it is gays and lesbians who are ‘recognised’ in the UK. Not sure about the ‘whatevers’! 🙂

  6. Janus: people have been legally able to have their gender re-classed for years in the UK. Strangely enough, people who had a chop job done could marry before same-sex couples. Akshilly, that’s too strange even for me to comprehend.

  7. Can you imagine the horror of having one’s spouse decide to reassign his/her gender?
    Then finding you are married to one of yourself?
    Personally I would murder them, forget the divorce! Is one automatically divorced if that happens?
    Doesn’t bear thinking about.

  8. CO: one can apply for a legal annulment of the marriage because of false premises. Lying about one’s anatomical sex at birth is considered a valid reason for pursing such a course. I take no issue with there being more than 2 genders, but I do take issue with sex change procedures — it’s against nature.

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