Postscript to the bloody Canadians.

24 hours after Sochi was done and dusted, that is this morning, the CBC announced on the radio that Canada was second in the Olympics.

On checking the medal table they were 4th overall and 3rd in the gold medals.  The USA were 2nd overall.  Needless to say the Americans were not mentioned.

Sorry, but they are a pack of delusionally strange people who tell bare faced lies.

This is absolutely typical of them.

    RUS 13 11 9 33
2   NOR 11 5 10 26
3   CAN 10 10 5 25
4   USA 9 7 12 28
5   NED 8 7 9 24

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

7 thoughts on “Postscript to the bloody Canadians.”

  1. Canadian scoring is 6 for gold, 4 for silver and 2 for bronze (only when the loony is above par to the US $)

    Russia 140
    Canada 110
    Norway 106
    USA 106

    Make it anything you want with a suitably devious mind.

  2. Countries are not ranked strictly by the number of medals their team won, but by the number of gold versus silver and bronze. In this regard, Canada followed a very common practice which the benighted country on its southern flank is just as, if not more, brazen in doing. Me thinks thou dost hate Canada too much.

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