Reverting to type.

As many of my ex work colleagues will testify, I was always a Unix/Linux man. However, I came to accept that, after six previous attempts, Microsoft finally got it right with Windows 7, a useful and usable operating system

However, having had to replace my venerable Windows 7 laptop as it became more and more geriatric, I have acquired a Sony VAIO as a replacement. This is a fine bit of hardware, but the software is Windows 8. What a pile of doo-doo. Talk about dumbing down, it is pathetic. I am very tempted to junk the Windows altogether and install Linux Mint or similar on it (or junk my old laptop altogether and install its copy of Windows 7 on my new laptop)

7 thoughts on “Reverting to type.”

  1. Good evening FEEG.

    It is important to get these things off your chest.

    And you are quite right. 8 is keech. Not as keech as ME or Vista, of course, but still keech. I. don’t think they will try to save it but will instead launch us into the uncertain future of yet another over hyped and under performing Windows OS.

    XP good, 7 better. I’d love to go down the Linux route myself but it would take a while to get Mrs M up to speed and I’ve not retired and don’t have the time just yet.

    Nothing wrong with getting ‘more and more geriatric’ by the way. We just need to remember that it’s happening, make allowances. and keep a firm grip on what year it is and who is Queen.

  2. Thanks for the warning re Windows 8, FEEG.

    I haven’t had a problem with Windows 7 either so by the time I need a replacement they will hopefully have sorted it out.

  3. Hello FEEG: Welcome to the club I acquired a W8 laptop last year and could not deal with the idiot “App” interface. Because I needed a machine quickly for navigation on the boat I then bought a W7 machine (an extra $150 for last generation OS!! Grrrr.). I have spent some time (too much?) attempting to migrate the W8 machine back to W7. Not possible with any certainty according to the various forums. It is possible however to get rid of the stupid App screen and operate W8 with the W7 “desktop” home screen. The machine is now running W8 but looks just like W7 and behaves like it too, the issue with W8 seems to be mainly in the home screen and interface, but there is of course also a fair body of older software that does not run on it. If you are interested I can dig up the file changes required to rid your machine of the Apps screen (straightforward).

    Mr Mackie: I hear through the grapevine that W8 (interface) will die next year together with W8 and we will all be obliged to accept W9.

  4. Absolutely right… I’ve had Vaio lap-top for ever – the latest has Windows 7. I intend to stick with it as long as I can,

    We replaced our desk-tops last year and got the original Windows 8 which was even worse than its upgrade, which I take it you have.

  5. John Mackie :

    We just need to remember that it’s happening, make allowances. and keep a firm grip on what year it is and who is Queen.

    Ah, yes, it’s the year of the whores and Queen is Freddie! 🙂

  6. WOOHOO. I have found a free utility that replaces the awful Start screen in Windows 8 with a Windows 7 Start Menu system. This seems to work well. and can be turned off to revert to Windows 8 if you really must. Just Google for “Start Menu 8”

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