The Charioteer in the clown’s house was right

A bunch of us held a gathering at the local McDonald’s where a wide range of topics was discussed. After we had exhausted the serious issues of our time -and polished off a burger or six- we started to talk about television shows and the Emmy awards. I was congratulated on predicting two of the winners long before the short list was announced. Furthermore, these were my only two predictions and both long shots; every man and his dog could have picked Breaking Bad.

One of the members asked if I had insider knowledge. I said I was not at liberty to answer that. A few extra McFlurries were used as a bribe but I stuck to my guns and kept schtum. They’re now convinced I’m in the screenwriter’s guild because I didn’t break the unwritten code of conduct and spill the ketchup, I mean beans.

5 thoughts on “The Charioteer in the clown’s house was right”

  1. Backside says he didn’t recognise the titles of any of the short-listed shows, except Downton which is just another tired old British soap. 😦

  2. Howzit TR, congrats on your predictions, have you considered a career in climatology?

    Talking about tomato sauce, don’t you just hate those hydraulic pump type taps where you have to try and fill a tequila sized shot glass and then the sauce is so thick that you cant get it out or those sachets which after your first handful of chips are impossible to open with just the slightest grease on your fingers.

    Give me a good ol’ screw top glass bottle anytime!

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