4 thoughts on “By the way….”

  1. Please Sir! Here I am, back in one piece. Got out of touch there, could get no internet wifi in various places and been sleeping off that bloody flight for two days!
    God, why anyone actually goes visiting just to see places is totally beyond me, the total aggravation of mass humanity and lack of porters/bearers ETC ETC.
    There are no porters on British Rail these days, lots of tossers standing round in dayglo vests but not doing anything constructive. But they were susceptible to bribery I found!
    Jeez, Heathrow full of anal little hitlers as usual, I swear their staff rooms must be full of half made lampshades of human skin of passengers fallen foul of their ludicrous fatwahs.
    And Vancouver was heaving with slants and chinks outnumbering us at least ten to one in the immigration hall, they smell seriously weird en masse.
    SO GLAD to get to the USA border, one car wait, no questions, just welcome home, no don’t bother to get out of the car, off you go! Brilliant! At least America only gives the nth degree to foreigners, not their own residents. (Unlike the UK!)
    Wales was, as ever, immutably unchangeably Wales. Red wine on the bar at one’s haunts within seconds!
    Everyone in their places and conversation flowing like water, quite wonderful. Glad to report, no new housing estates, not too many windfarms, the farms looked in good heart with good looking fat sheep and no weeds and no great degree of immigrants unless you count the bloody English in Llandeilo. (Buggered up their own bit and now want to bugger ours!) But at least they stay in Llandeilo and don’t venture out to the villages where the Welsh speakers pick their woad stains in public!!!
    Apart from the travelling an absolutely splendid trip.

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