Hey pal! See you! Shcum so ye are!

Rab-C-Nesbitt(Apologies to Jay Dubya about the weegie stereotype but he cracks me up.)

The Beeb are most definitely over egging the pudding. In fact I would say there isn’t any pudding just egg.

Apparently this year there is going to be some kind of sports afternoon in ol’ Rab’s neck o the woods.

Yesterday the website selling tickets opened for business then promptly had a seizure and shut down again. The Beeb reports “because of the overwhelming demand … yada yada yada”. It turns out, there were 16,000 people trying to get a ticket. Most of those will be corporates and touts looking to make a quick shilling no doubt and yes some of them will be genuine fans of sport who would like to watch some pillock throw a stick further than another pillock.

Here’s the eggy bit. The Weegie website fell over because 0.025% of the UK population tried to use it.  16K out of 64 million people doesn’t exactly sound like a stampede to me, but the Beeb reckon its a landslide.

On the flip side of the coin. A wee note tae a’ ye sweaties who wad be free.

If you can’t even put together a www page for a “global event” that can withstand a miniscule portion of people looking sideways at it before it self destructs, perhaps being expected to tie your own shoelaces is not for you. Maybe you had better leave things like running a country to the grown ups.

3 thoughts on “Hey pal! See you! Shcum so ye are!”

  1. Your post reminds me of my attempts to get tickets for the public grandstand outside Buckingham Palace to watch the royal procession returning there after giving thanks for the Queen’s diamond jubilee last summer. I’m not sure that website ever got on its feet, let alone fell over. It was an English one of course.

    You have heard of a Glasgow kiss, haven’t you, Ferret.

  2. Hello Ferret,

    One of the athletes was in town today, obviously casing the joint for future reference. I said to him “are you a pole vaulter?” And he said “no, I’m German but how did you know my name?” (Embra fringe circa 1936)

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