June Magic competition result

This is the part we all hate- choosing a winner. Still, it must be done. Only four entries but what the competition lacked in quantity it made up for in quality.

It was quite Testing for me reading Soutie’s paean to an upcoming star in the world of rugby. It also begs the question just how many Petersens/Pietersens are there in South Africa? Nonetheless a fine ode and no derogatory rugger snipes from me.

The mighty Janus once again made his rhyming so effortless in his story of a relative that is a clockwork genius. Living in the land of Lego as he does, I’m sure Janus is no mean constructor and destructor of blocks himself. Very interesting thread in his post as well.

Bilby has proven herself to be an accomplished wordsmith. Beautifully written with an emotional ending. Proof indeed that are many talents on board the Chariot.

PapaG’s entry had me chuckling from the start. Best title for a poem in a long while. His manic romp through a magic show conjured many images. He really got in the act of this theme. Very funny and it did appeal to me.

Thank you to all who entered, you’re all stars. The winner is…


I know Bilby passed the parcel to me last month but I just have to edge her ahead of the others. Great poem. Congratulations, Bilby.

6 thoughts on “June Magic competition result”

  1. Good call, JW and thoroughly deserved, Bilbers! You and the Muse have nailed it again! 🙂

  2. Thank you very much, JW! The theme was er, magical. Thoroughly enjoyed writing this one.

    Well done to the chaps for their entries!

    Thank you, Janus!


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