7 thoughts on “Oz v Lions”

  1. This really drives me nuts. How can you possibly call a game of rugby a Test? When did the tug of war participants hijack this term?

    Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells.

  2. Dear Disgusted

    I’m delighted that it didn’t burn any parts of your anatomy.

    John Robbie (okay, he’s Irish) an ex-Lion (he played one test as third choice replacement scrum half back in 1980) called it one of the greatest tests his ever watched, he wasn’t far wrong.

  3. MΓ΄re Jay

    Lucky for you, you mean.

    As a neutral, a great game to watch πŸ˜‰

  4. Thank you Soutie, this really made me chuckle, especially the comment by Mr Trott! Glad to see the professionals have a sense of humour. Mind you, after the embarrassing capitulation at Edgbaston yesterday, they won’t be laughing today (how anybody ever expected England to win a one day tournament beats me)

    As for the game itself, Oz were all fur coat and no kickers! The Lions were lucky not to lose, I suspect the second test will result in some cheeks matching their shirts in the Lions camp.

    Oz rugby is in a much better state than its cricket!

  5. I think it was very sporting of the Aussie kickers to keep missing the penalty kicks that weren’t! Talk about a dodgy ref.

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