Albany, NY, June 20 and 21.


Erie Canal locks E8 through E15 still closed.  We had some pretty appalling weather but upper New York State has had much worse, very heavy rains and mudslides.  The control dams have been opened to release all the excess water which explains the amount of debris in the river, whole trees and docks in some cases.  It has been fine for almost a week now so the flooding is probably subsiding rapidly.

We took the opportunity of this stay catch up with laundry and groceries, good services close to the marina, including a nice little breakfast place.

We have replanned our onward  route as there is no definite date for the Erie Canal reopening.

We will now travel on up the Hudson to the Champlain Canal and through into Lake Champlain and up the Richleau to the St. Lawrence.  In effect running round the loop in an anti-clockwise direction (the reverse of that originally planned).

That should put us back at the western end of the Erie Canal in late July, if the canal is not open by then we will have to reverse direction and do the loop clockwise to get back here.

In order to get up to Champlain we will have to lower our mast and the bimini top over the helm station.  It also means driving in the wet if it rains for the next few days.



 Mast down, Bimini folded, well that’s Friday’s work done, now top up the water tanks and wait for the tide, should be about 9:00 Saturday morning.

 Mast s

Quite a few boats waiting, several in the marina and at least four anchored close to it.

Boat s

Author: Low Wattage

Expat Welshman, educated (somewhat) in UK, left before it became fashionable to do so. Now a U.S. Citizen, and recent widower, playing with retirement and house remodeling, living in Delaware and rural Maryland (weekends).

15 thoughts on “Albany, NY, June 20 and 21.”

  1. Thank your lucky stars you aren’t boating in Alberta. Just seen some film of houses floating through Calgary. Are the Great Lakes going to be safe this year?

  2. For the avoidance of doubt, that Alberta storm is heading straight for the Great Lakes right now as no doubt you have seen on your charts!

  3. Mrs. O. Can one boat in Alberta? Ski perhaps, pump oil or rope cattle. We are well into the Champlain Canal system, sheltered waters and bucolic scenes. An abundance of sun and rural outlooks. We should be safe until we reach the mighty Lake Champlain about fifty miles North. About Monday by my reckoning. By then summer should be upon us.

  4. ‘Tis the joy of canal cruising ain’t it, LW? If the weather ain’t nice, we’ll just stay where we are. It is supposed to be fun, after all

  5. No! I don’t think one boats in Alberta, stampedes yes, boats no. They appear to have evacuated 70,000 people of so in the path of the Bow river, which I heard is 40′ above normal. I begin to wonder if I heard it wrong!!! Hopefully you will be too far North and dodge it LW.
    Chris that whole weather system is moving Southish and Eastish, hence my concern for LW.
    Unbelievably foul weather, we had an inch of rain yesterday, very unusual here for June and as cold as buggery. Wore a thick alpaca jumper all day! Where are you Chris? Back in California? Have you finished your Masters or must you return to the frozen North?

  6. CO,
    As Christian names go Christopher is quite a long word so I can see why you might want to shorten it, Christina. Nonetheless this is the way Mr Trier would like to be addressed. You have said yourself you don’t like the word Chris. Christopher does not call you Chris which is a good job as it would be sore on the neck watching you both Chris, Chris, Chrising one another back and forth like a tennis rally. How about CT? Nice and short.

  7. CO: I am presently in southern California for a week-long holiday before going back to northern California for what remains of the summer. I must return to Minnesota for a few months in August to finish the final course requirement, although once that term ends I will likely go to South Korea for a bit to finish writing my master’s thesis, the parts that have not been finished.

  8. Well played, Mrs O.

    I’m not sure if you’ve been following the taxing tribulations of the UK chancellor. A few days ago the President of the USA called him Jeffrey mixing him up with some soul music performer, whoever the hell that is. The British press and media have been giving our George pelters. How much better would it have been if Barack had said “Christina”. 🙂

  9. CT sounds like you are busy. (Good, keeps you off the streets!!!)

    Royalist, remind me to euthanise you when I get round to tracking you down!! Bad, bad boy.

  10. Thanks for this LW, I’m reading all your posts and viciously enjoying your trip. Pity about the weather and the lock closures but no doubt you are taking it all in your stride.

    These things happen, but as Tina mentioned in an earlier post, would one really expect it at this time of the year?

  11. Ah, regarding names, I seem to remember in the dim and distant past, Tina, you mentioned that you did not appreciate being called Christina. If I am wrong to address you as Tina, I shall desist with immediate effect!

  12. As usual your memory is excellent Ara!
    I have always been Tina, used to refuse to answer to Christina at school and ever since. Which is why I should have remembered not to call CT, Chris!!

    Re #12 I hope you meant vicariously. The thought of viciously enjoying LW’s trip sends the mind boggling!

  13. Oops, yes, I did mean vicariously. The whole household here is now convulsed with laughter. Drat, but it was rather amusing, I agree.

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