10 thoughts on “Mac and Matt say”

  1. Now now, mustn’t be nasty to the Lib Dums in their hours of misery. On second thoughts, why not? Carry on!

  2. Tee hee! I read today the Libdumbs are now lower in the polls than UKIP. And long may it be so.


  3. Cleggover always struck me as pervy and most of his coterie strike me as fat white slugs. The thought of such sliming over me in the past would have bought on an attack of the vapours if not the can of Mace! I cannot understand why some females have not done them some seriously lasting damage!
    As for voting for them! Beyond contemplation!!

  4. Oz I find it seriously weird that women permit men to do things like it, where is the basilisk eye that stops them in their tracks before they start? The razorblade tongue? Where are the long fingernails, the stiletto heels gouging gently to assist desist? All good ploys before the full frontal left hook!
    I do think modern women are a pack of wusses. I’m so glad I never was a woman’s libber, they wouldn’t have been worth the effort.
    They should have dealt with him rather than running to the likes of cleggover, pack of slimeballs the lot of them!
    Pass the slug pellets!!!

  5. We were wondering why so many people in Eastleigh still seem intent on voting LibDim. Is there a large mental hospital in the constituency?

    Ah, the good old days of stiletto heels, Christina. Once in a crowded Paris metro train I became aware of a hand giving my rear an unsolicited massage. I took a step backward with the stiletto heel and it stopped immediately.

  6. And they talk about the morales of large companies who avoid tax by just following the rules laid down by law. That’s not saying large companies are right but they have broken no law.

  7. The touchy-feely LibDems, ever displaying their tactile propensities, have won the Eastleigh seat again. The Labour fella almost lost his deposit, doing what Labour fellas have to do, with Cherie’s help.

  8. Don’t forget the Liberals only won because of postal votes. maybe they are learning from Labour how to rig those!

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