By Royal protection

Not one more unkind word about HRH, Janus.  He’s a kipper protector, not Scottish kippers, but kippers nevertheless.   I trust the name of the complainant will be broadcast far and wide.

16 thoughts on “By Royal protection”

  1. Sheona, go on! I suspect his liking for the smell of smoking fish goes back to his Gordonstoun days when the inmates had to cook anything they could catch. One thing is certain: the neighbours for 100 yards in each direction are now ardent republicans! If I were a cynic, I’d suspect him of going for the Scotch vote.

  2. Good!

    You can bet your life that the council was just about to shut the place and arrange an alternative contract with an Albanian smoked buttfish producer caught from a marine preservation area!

  3. Good evening, Sheona.

    I now know why I’m not that keen on the Duke of Rothesay. The name alone had aways suggested that he was a Weegie but his passion for kippers is clearly the clincher.The Scottish varieties thereof all come from the West Coast (Mallaig, Loch Fyne, Stornoway etc) Over here on the right side of the country, we eat our herrings rolled in oatmeal as the Good Lord intended. If we have to preserve them, we follow the Baltic tradition and pickle them.

    As you know fine well, smoked fish-wise, it’s Arbroath smokies, Finnan Haddies and Cullen Skink on the snell East Coast. I’ll bet the Princess Royal, patron of the SRU, eats little else.

    Talking of rugby, Whooooooooo! I’ve got it all worked out. We gub Ireland, Wales and France. France and Wales cream England. Italy lose one more game and there is Scotia standing proud as Six Nations Champion 2013.

    A walk in the park, basically. Wee Eck Salmond has personally assured me that it will happen if I commit to supporting Independence.

  4. Being a true Scot, I love Arbroath smokies, Finnan Haddies and offshoot Cullen Skink just as much as kippers, especially of the Loch Fyne variety. My mother used to do herring in oatmeal – two staples of the original student diet at the University of Aberdeen. I love soused herring too, another of my mother’s specialties. In other words, I don’t differentiate between east and west coast as regards fish. We Glaswegians are broadminded.

    As regards the Six Nations, hmmm!

  5. When i lived in Aberdeen I used to walk along the fish dock to get to my offices. I always carried a string bag and a piece of newspaper in my bag. If you were quick and not too proud you could collect the night’s dinner from the street for free before they swept them back in the dock for the gulls! There is no recipe for herring known to mankind, even a Scotsman that has not been prepared in my home! (many times)
    I used to hang the bag out of my office window on a craftily inserted nail to keep the smell at bay, fortunately my office faced North.
    I had a rather large negative bank balance when I left Uni and free dinners for a couple of years helped the fiscal outlook no end.
    I never saw any other soul collect them, more fool them! Best herring I ever ate in my life.

  6. bravo22c :

    Oh dear, JM, kippers with porridge…

    Greetings Bravo of the cast-iron stomach. Sorry, but for me it has to be smoked haddock or mackerel after my salted porridge.

    I just don’t like smoked herring, however much I may enjoy it fresh in oatmeal or, as Sheona so succinctly suggests, soused.

  7. sheona :

    Linky thing

    HRH will proceed to spend several days of Ministry time investiagting loopholes in the Clean Air Act, which I have little doubt One has invoked Oneself to ptotect One’s own rarified environment. 🙂

  8. Sheona, as you may have read, the Vikings also do herrings – to death, one might say. No smørbrød lunch would me complete without at least pickled, marinaded, smoked and fried varieties. I’m with JM, preferring smoked haddock.

  9. Once at a supper party in northern Germany the entire menu consisted of fish of various sorts, smoked and pickled. I rather overdid it and spent a most uncomfortable night. A little goes a long way.

  10. Herrings, pickled or kippered, are delicious, so let’s have no more of this petty squabbling 🙂

    JM: I suspect your hopes and views on the Six Nations are somewhat coloured by over-indulgence in the water of life. 🙂 England will prevail!

  11. sheona :

    Once at a supper party in northern Germany the entire menu consisted of fish of various sorts, smoked and pickled. I rather overdid it and spent a most uncomfortable night. A little goes a long way.

    My theory is that aquavit is the only antidote to a herring overdose. 🙂

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